Positional priority in the 2011 Draft

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by MustaphaM0nd, Oct 26, 2010.

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    I know BB doesn't draft for need, but looking at this team which positions are in most need of an upgrade or injection of youth? There is a "Team Needs" thread, but I didn't bump it because i like polluting cyberspace.

    -A player in parenthesis is one who would have to improve sufficiently to preclude a high priority upgrade.
    -A player in square brackets is one who is a vet and needs to be phased out or replaced.

    OLB (Ninkovich)
    -Ninkovich is cool, but he has to show more against the run.

    OG (Ohrnberger, Connolly)
    -if Mankins is gone and Neal retires, we need two new guards. IF we retain Light, Kaczur could step in at guard. Lets hope someone improves

    RB (Lawfirm)
    -Running backs can be picked off the street... if there's a strong line in front of them. Getting an elite running back who can create something out of nothing will take the pressure of our line.

    DE (Deaderick)
    -It remains to be seen what kind of play we get out of Ty Warren next year. In a draft this deep we should get a young stud at DE.

    OC [Koppen]
    -he's getting up there in age, and there doesn't seem to be an answer in-house.

    OT [Light]
    -I think swinging Vollmer to LT and playing Kaczur at RT is a fair solution to go on without Light. Kaczur can go inside though, so it would be nice to keep Light a little longer for flexibility purposes, and worry about the interior line for now.

    WR (Price, Tate)
    -one of these guys has to start making defenses fear them, because the quickness guys can't do it alone.

    S (Sergio Brown)
    -only a need if we get rid of Brandon Meriweather, which I don't see happening. Fixing the stuff that's actually broken will be hard enough. BB could surprise us though.

    CB (Butler)
    -when Bodden comes back we'll have a pretty sweet group of corners. The weak link will be nickel back, but Wilhite has been decent this year so I'm not worried.

    ILB (Fletcher)
    -not a need, really. Fletcher's shown a lot so far, and Guyton looks lost sometimes but he's the least of our worries.

    QB (Hoyer)
    -late round flier as usual

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