Poor prosecuted Ed Jew Resigns in San Fran..

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by DarrylS, Jan 12, 2008.

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    Remember this guy and the fraud post from a Canadian Blogger who got everything wrong, well anyways he resigned in an effort to stop fighting his legal battles on three fronts.. only two left, with the feds and the state.. poor prosecuted man..


    Suspended San Francisco Supervisor Ed Jew resigned from his seat on the Board of Supervisors Thursday, and now it's up to the political novice who has been serving as his temporary replacement to decide whether she wants to enter the cutthroat world of local politics and campaign for the job this fall.

    Jew's resignation - effective at noon Friday - ends a tumultuous period at City Hall and sets up a political fight in the city's sleepy Sunset District. His decision to step down almost eight months after FBI agents raided his office in connection with an alleged extortion scheme means the District Four seat he landed in a surprise victory in 2006 will be up for grabs in November's election.

    To replace Jew, Mayor Gavin Newsom said he "most likely" would name acting District Four Supervisor Carmen Chu. He appointed Chu, a former staff member in his budget office, to the post on a temporary basis in September, when Jew was suspended from office after the filing of official misconduct charges against the first-year lawmaker at the city's Ethics Commission.

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