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Poor Old Pant Suit & Blue Dress

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Harry Boy, Jul 20, 2008.

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    Nov 10, 2005
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    I actually feel sorry for the "wretched clintons" they don't know what hit them, they used to be the Royal Family for every Dingobat in America, "our bill" they called him, the NAACP & Jessie Jackoff shouted from the highest rooftops "he is america's first black president" "we love you bill" they yelled, every wife swapping pig in Hollywood wanted to bed them down and then something happened, out of nowhere came a Golden God with Mickey Mouse ears, this "token toy" walked onto a stage in a room full of Bush hating drooling dingobats, he pulled out a silk handkerchief with the initials BHO embroided on it and he blew his nose, 362 dingobats fainted, Chris Matthews of MSNBC (Obama Channel) had to grab his leg to stop it from Tingling then as this new Messiah started to speak Matthews began to breathe heavily, while still holding his trembling tingling leg he had an Orgasm right in in his underwear.

    The new kid had arrived, the kid that would cause 93% of black America to stab the Clintons in the back and leave them bewildered in a pile of sh!t, as they struggled to rise from this first mess of crap along came their old friends the "Suck & F-ck" crowd from Hollywood, then all these divorce perverts stomped poor old Bill & Hill's sorry a$ses right back into the Feces Pile.

    Political Correctness and all the silly do-gooder crap that goes along with it will now give the most important powerful job in the world to this long legged bony a$sed kid who every sunday for twenty years sat in a church and says he never knew what the preacher was talking about.
    (this kid will have his finger on the doomsday button) 20years and he didn't know what his preacher was talking about--:confused:

    I am truly amazed that the Clintons haven't stuck their heads in the oven, poor bastards, with friends like the Democrats who needs enemy's.

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