Poor Clock Management by Brady and BB?

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    The biggest problem I have with this loss over most things is the fact that we had a chance to tie the game with possesion of the ball only down by 7 with nearly 2 minutes left in the game...We then proceeded to drive inside of the 50 of the Colts with 1:33 still left in the game and we were almost what appeared to be in a hurry up offense! - It appeared that Brady rushed to get off that pass to Faulk which of course got tipped and intercepted.​
    If Brady and Manning are the 2 best 2 minute QBs in the game today then to me that means 2 things...Take it a bit slow and easy cause brady had done it (scored a TD) before with even less time on the clock (SB 36) and second of all,why hurry when you know even if you give 30 seconds to Manning after scoring he is still dangerous to get it down the field with one accurate toss - Why we did not have patience in that last 2 minutes is beyond me -0 timeouts were not a big problem if we had taken it a bit slower and possibly just wasted a down by spiking the ball to grab a breather after all we were moving it in that last possesion rather easily...We wasted an opportunity to gradually get down into the deep part of Colts territory with OT a possibility if we were not in such a hurry to move the ball when time said that we could do it with more thought and patience - Did Brady lose count of what time was left on the clock?..It sure looked like it and there was enough time to grab several plays with all that time remaining but was totally wasted away.:(
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    I agree with this...it drove me nuts...on the drive before the last drive - they were still running the huddle and wasting all kinds of time.

    This was a horrible performance by BB and Brady. For the first time in a long time, they blew the clock. It was almost McNabb and Reid like from SB 39.

    I just don't get it. The abandoned the run and blew precious time off the clock. Why? Why do this?

    A just horrible game by the best coach and best QB in the league and unfortunately everyone was watching.
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    They were fine - showing urgency but not panic. If Faulk pulled that pass down, like he usually does, this wouldn't be an issue.
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    I don't agree. I was watching the game with a ton of people and everyone was screaming that they were dragging the clock out...when you are behind you need to play with a sense of urgency. Brady did not move the guys in fast and they were not utlizing the no huddle in the last minutes of the 4th quarter. I think Manning got 2 1st downs on his last drive, if he gets one more he continues to move the chains and they go down for the TD or closer for the FG and the game is over. The Pats did not execute in all areas in this game and the head coach took the responsibility. BB was not on top of his game...bad game plan, bad clock management. One of the worst performances by BB. Doubt you see another bad one from him in a long while!
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    Last week shows that it doesn't matter if you score at the end of the game against the Colts. It matters how much time Manning has after you do.

    I'm sure they WERE dripping the clock. They wanted to score, but didn't want Manning to have time to do the same before overtime or the final gun (if they'd gone for two to win).

    The clock management didn't force the final turnover. Bad execution did.
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    Exactly. You don't want to score and leave 30 seconds on the clock for Peyton to drive down for a game winning Vinatieri field goal.
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    That was a field goal, but I get your drift.

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