Pondering the Depth Chart as I Ponder the Draft

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    Without using NFLE players, and listing a player who can play multiple positions only once, I've sketched out this depth chart. I'm working under the assumption our I/R players will be ready for the start of the season, I've also looked at which players have earned consistent starts (some at another position) and plugged them in. Players listed behind the starter slot are challengers for the position in the order I rank them. I'm basing the positions on a 2 TE, single back offensive formation, and a base 3-4 defensive formation.

    LT: Light - Britt
    LG: Mankins - Mruczkowski
    C: Koppen - Hochstein
    RG: Gorin - Yates
    RT: Kaczur - Tucker

    We are at minimum depth for the O-line and will need to bring in more competition for camp.

    QB: Brady - Cassell

    The veteran is still needed, and we will need camp arms to rest Brady.

    RB: Dillon - Faulk - Pass

    We're at minimum depth and will need competition for camp.

    TE: Graham
    TE: Watson

    We're below minimum depth and will also need competition for camp.

    WR: Branch
    WR: ______ - Childress - McGrew

    Our biggest hole.

    LOLB: Colvin
    LDE: Seymour - Green - Hill
    NT: Wilfork - Wright
    RDE: Warren - Klecko - Thomas
    ROLB: Vrabel - Banta-Cain

    We are essentially one over the standard depth at DL and will need competition for camp.

    OLB is below minimum depth and needs camp competition.

    SILB: Bruschi
    WILB: ______ - Beisel - Claridge - Alexander

    We have good depth at ILB, but could use camp competition.

    LCB: Hobbs - Gay - Poteat
    FS: Wilson - Scott -
    SS: Harrison - Sanders - Hawkins
    RCB: Poole - Samuel

    We're at minimum depth for DBs, but need camp competition.

    P: Miller
    LS: Paxton
    K: ______

    We have one hole to fill here, and need camp competition.

    ST: Izzo - Davis
    KR: Johnson
    PR: _______

    I would look to add one more primary ST player, Michael Stone would be my first pick.

    We also need a PR specialist and camp competition for return specialists.

    We have 11 (counting 2 projected compensation selections) draft picks.

    We have 2 OL, 3 WR, 1 RB, 1 QB, 1 LS, 1 S, and 1 CB allocated to NFLE who will help with camp competition/fodder.

    We have players who are currently out of football to draw from, not to mention Arena players and the CFL.

    There are still some of our FAs who may yet be re-signed after they determine their talents aren't selling any better elsewhere, as well as a couple retirees who haven't made up their minds.

    We can field a team for tomorrow's game, but lack a Kicker and depth everywhere.

    I suddenly feel faint and panicky for some reason....Mother!
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    We aren't playing a football game tomorrow.....time to chill!!!
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    Box - good pondering. Be stout of heart !!
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    I prefer my pureed carrots warm thank you. :snob:
  5. Box_O_Rocks

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    I enjoy a good stout. :singing:
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    #75 Jersey

    That's a lot of "pondering" guy. We need to be patient and think outside the "box" and not throw "rocks" too early.

    It will all be clear as to what we really have before the draft. Then we "draftniks" can have a field day picking the wrong cloices for the Patriots.
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    I wouldn't worry much about the depth, there's dozens of depth quality FA out there.

    The real issues are :

    #2 WR
    #3 WR
    LB (either OLB or ILB depending where Vrabel plays)
    OG (assuming Neal leaves)
    RT (need an upgrade there)

    That's not in order, but it's the 5 spots I'd like to see something done to by the start of the season.
  8. Box_O_Rocks

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    Pfffft! :p

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