Politicians against free speech

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by patsfan13, May 29, 2012.

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    Well the assault on the First amendment continues It began long ago when H Clinton suggested 'gatekeepers' were needed since unfettered opinions were dangerous in her mind:

    Down with Gatekeepers: Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration vs. Internet Freedom | The Libertarian Standard

    Then we have a constitutional amendment being proposed to circumcise the First Amendment:

    Then local pols in NY State want to limit anonymous opinions in the internet that criticize politicians, of course the implications are far wider.

    Politicians hate free speech and having to answer to citizens.
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    Both parties at times have expressed discomfort and even hostility to the First Amendment. This really is shocking and sad to me, because we are literally one of the only places in the world that understands how important this amendment is.

    We really need to be aware of the kind of legislation, whether (R) or (D), that erodes our First Amendment rights and stand against it.
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    There are a number of legitimate issues:
    (1) How do we protect intellectual rights without stronger enforcement of copyrights?
    Whether one is an individual author, a publishing house, an independent filmmaker, or part of Hollywood, how do we protect their rights? That's a valid question.
    (2) My guess is that McGovern's constitutional proposal has nothing to do with the first amendment, and everything to do with the fourteenth amendment which was exploited by corporations to turn corporations into people. The People's Rights Amendment | freespeechforpeople.org
    (3) As far as what local politicians do, this points to my issue with states rights. If you give power to the states, you give power to a lot of people who fall below the radar and are corrupt, incompetent, and stupid.

    There's actually nothing in your links that's of concern in my opinion, except that we have to be vigilant to ensure that copyright law does not infringe on legitimate reuse of material.
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    incumbents are against free speech
    everyone else is for it

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