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Political fallout from the inside of the Evangelical World

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by 3 to be 4, Nov 6, 2006.

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    May 31, 2006
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    well, being an Evangelical that leans to the Democratic side, i have often bristled at White, loudmouth Preachers that tell their congregation basically that to not vote Republican is being a bad Christian, as if the 40% of American Christians who vote Democrat, or the 70% of Black Christians who vote Democratic, are somehow less Christian because they happen to think Jesus cares about the poor and about advancing peace.

    But I will tell you that I noticed a big change in the pre-election talk than I have noticed in 2004 and during 2005. All I have heard is "Pray for the election" and "Vote your values" and "Be sure to vote", which is pretty much all anyone SHOULD say from the pulpit, as to not imply that the Lord endorses any political candidate one way or another.
    there wasnt the over the top wailing about Voting G.O.P or support the President or Gay marriage or what i heard all the time in the past.

    my point in bringing this up is that from the inside, i think the steam has been taken out of political forces within the Evangelical movement that had such influence in the vote in 2004. I think there is a sense of embarrasment about this President, and the Foley and Haggard scandals, that have most Christians that I hang around with more focused on Christ being their Lord, than on using Gods time or God name to advance their own political beliefs.

    I, for one, am grateful, as if the church is going to get behind a cause it should be about a moral issue such as abortion, which has more in common with the Civil Rights analogy of the 1960's and how the church was involved in that, than this bogus political Gay marriage issue does.

    this bodes well for Democrats tomorrow. Democrats are inspired by 12 years, let alone 6, of pent up frustration. Republicans seem kind of sheepish.
    the applause yesterday at church surrounding the subject of voting was very unenthusiastic indeed.

    Praise the Lord. lets go Bob Casey and Harold Ford!

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