Pol nabbed on New Hampshire booze run

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by IcyPatriot, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. IcyPatriot

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    Heard this one on WEEI this morning on my way to Wistah.

    Pol nabbed on New Hampshire booze run - BostonHerald.com

  2. efin98

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    He was doing "research" to find out how many of the people from this state go to New Hampshire to get booze...yeah, that's the ticket!
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  3. Patriot_in_NY

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    From the article.

    When in doubt, open the playbook and pull out the old "It's someone's else's problem" Classic.

    Apparently lost on him is the quote from an effected MA liquor store owner.

  4. Fogbuster

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    Firing squad at dawn.... no last "words" since they'd be full of crap, anyway.

    Are these people born so hypocritical and corrupt or do they learn in Massachusetts pol school??

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  5. PressCoverage

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    so you're pro capital punishment? forcible executions? ending life?

    and your preferred method would be firing squad? would you put it on pay per-view?
  6. Fogbuster

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    So, more sympathy for the devil?? Mick Jagger swooning the crowd to give Barabbas "one more chance"??

    "Awwww, let 'im go!! Why so serious?? We only want to help you!!! (Jim Wright drawls) ..... Don't be so mean!!! (Don't be cruel.... uh-huh...)...... How 'Christian' of you!!"



    Actually, Pay per View sounds about right!!! :eek:


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  7. DarrylS

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    Saw this guy on TV last night, give him credit for saying what he had to say.. did not tap dance a whole bunch. He claims coming back from Conway had to use the facilities, while waiting for his wife bought 3 bottles of booze... he did not think it was a big deal.
  8. PressCoverage

    PressCoverage Banned

    two things:

    1) you didn't actually answer my question. you're so repressed, you can't even acknowledge the subject matter, and your default reaction is to punt to personal insinuation of my values. That's OK. I understand that you have a kill'em all mentality, even though it's a sin. You're especially giddy if the public can come watch the carnage. Perhaps an opportunity to recruit some new followers?

    2) I never said whether I was pro or anti capital punishment. You're just guessing wrong one MORE time.
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  9. Fogbuster

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    Now it's clear where "Babylon" comes from: it's the place where people just "babble on"....... ;)

    Don't have a heart attack, PC; it might not be covered by your "crappy job" which may _only_ give you "full dental and visual" (but "ain't corporate" <bcaw> :D ). A little hyperbole is good for the soul; spice for the imagination. Don't be so "serious". "It's only the internet."


  10. PressCoverage

    PressCoverage Banned

    I always know when you've averted another example of religio-hypocrisy and essentially convey a "no mas."

    Way to avoid the question and get pretentiously existential.

    My point remains. But you're a good dancer.
  11. Fogbuster

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    Your point is horse manure, as usual. You pretend to not see purposed hyperbole after you've seen me use it hundreds of times for several years. You are out to score points but they are -- as always -- only in your own head, and no where else.

    This Michael J. Rodrigues -- in full Ted Kennedy hypocrite and 100% denial mode -- deserves to be booted from the Mass Legislature and barred from ever again holding any public office. Ever. Let him work in the dreaded "private sector" and see how real life works, utter slime-ball that he is.

  12. can't credit him for anything he says......he is a hypocrite and part of the problem rather than the part of any solution......what's he going to tap dance for? bagged red handed

    gotta love the excuse-makers
  13. as opposed to you, who totally avoids the original issue..........
  14. alvinnf

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    Originally it was two cases.... Until he was informed that it's actually a federal offense to transport that much booze across state lines. So his story was three bottles and he threw his wife under the bus. "Well we all know how long women take in the bathroom", so he got impatient and had to buy a couple bottles of booze. Which he couldn't even remember which type or their cost, less than a hundered bucks. Well I hope so. But it's funny that this clown can use state funded gas, state funded car insurance and likely a partially provided vehicle to make his booze run. Only after sticking it to consumers and business owner of his constiuency. Obviously whats good for the goose isn't good for the gander. If you have ever driven back from "conway", that liqour store is out of the way for a "potty" break.......
  15. Harry Boy

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  16. Real World

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    He didn't tap dance? He said he had to go to the bathroom, and that why he stopped. Puh-leez. I smell something, but it's not whatever he left in the head. He then said his wife too so long to whiz, cuz "you know women take a long time in there", so he bought 3 bottles of hooch. BS, cuz witnesses said he had cases of wine in a carrage, and he was unloading them into his car. This clown voted to increase the sales tax, and tax booze. What a total jackazz.

    Of course, he'll be re-elected till he croaks in this state.
  17. PressCoverage

    PressCoverage Banned

    Points scored, indeed. With your vanilla defense over the years, I've been scoring points on you at a record pace. You're like Starks covering Jordan, yet still running your mouth after having 40 laid on you.

    But please don't purport to have any grasp of how real life works in America these days. You have none.
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  18. Fogbuster

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    :singing:....... ".... dream, dream, dream........ all you have to do is dream, dream, dream....... " .........:singing:

  19. DarrylS

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    IMO he sounded more honest than most, but that is a pretty low standard.. he did not do the usual no comment stuff...
  20. efin98

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    No comment may have helped his case...

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