Poem dedicated to the Pats

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    The greatest team to ever play the game
    History will make note of the names
    Brady, Moss, Welker, the offensive line
    Bruschi, Seau, Vrabel, the defense did just fine

    Breaking too many records to believe
    All their opponents could do was grieve
    Even when they played at their very best
    They still came up short when put to the Patriot test

    The leader was accused of being a cheater
    A former protégé turned on his teacher
    Charged with a sin that others practiced too
    The leader bit his tongue and tended his champion brood

    Starting by punishing the turncoats men
    Moving on to trash a team they would play again
    The next few victims hopelessly demolished
    While the 60 Minute Men looked perfectly polished

    Halfway through they beat the second best
    An old nemesis finally put to rest
    Talking heads started to yak of history being made
    Ignored by these men they just went out and played

    They played hard and they played tough
    Smash mouth football when they needed it rough
    They played soft with splendid finesse
    Crushing the worst and the beating the best

    Working their way to a perfect season
    The perfect record was not the reason
    They clawed and scratched toward one ultimate goal
    To play the big game, the Super Bowl

    While others talked trash spouting at the mouth
    With quiet confidence they were chewed up and spit out
    Parity, Salary caps, regulations to create equality
    Rules that to this team are a mere frivolity

    So it has been written, so it shall be done
    History is being made the Pats are number one
    Love them, hate them, or ignore them, you will see
    The New England Patriots have a date with Destiny

    Don B. 1/16/08

    Destiny is a sexy, flirty, voluptuous woman of every Pats players dreams, dancing on the brass pole of life. She lives in a town called DYNASTY!

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