Players who I'd like to hear more about from the camps so far

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by DaBruinz, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. DaBruinz

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    The players I'd like to hear more about are the other RBs that the Pats have brought in. Justise Hairston, Quinton Smith, and Quadrine Hill.

    I did see a tidbit that said that Hairston had problems catching the ball out of the backfield and that was a downer. But I haven't heard anything about the Quinton or Quadtrine.

    Quadtrine Hill, for those who don't recognize the name, was on the Pats practice squad for about 8 weeks last year. He's supposedly a pass catching FB who is also a decent blocker and good at blitz pick-ups.

    Quinton Smith is a hard-nosed RB (5'10-211) North/South runner who played for Rice. He's not a fast guy, but had 1096 yards on 211 carries. He also had 40 receptions for 410 yards. This year was the 1st year he was really used in the receiving game as Rice changed from the "Flexbone" offense to a more balanced offense.
  2. zippo59

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    I look forward to hearing something about Meriweather, but he has to be there first.

    Of course the most important thing is getting healthy. Rushing him would be bad but I am excited to see what he can do.
  3. DaBruinz

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    I agree, Meriweather is important, but I think lack of depth at RB is equally as important. Faulk hasn't been healthy for a full season in I don't know how long. Evans has clearly shown he can't be the every down back. Morris and Maroney are question marks. I really don't want to see another 2005 season where the Pats have to resort to losing their only viable option at RB off the practice squad again. That was really embarrassing.

    Hopefully they either get Chris Brown or one of the youngsters steps up.
  4. BelichickFan

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    Justin Rogers for me, his pro day numbers were intriguing. Between him, Woods, Lua, it sure would be nice to find a couple of good, cheap, young LB.

    Meriweather I have no concerns about, I'm excited too but I'm fully confident in him without having to hear about it.
  5. patsox23

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    I have no interest in hearing MORE about a bunch of back-up RBs, the high water-mark from ALL of whom will be making the ps. Sorry to be pissy, but those guys seem completely irrelevant to me. A guy like Oscar Lua? Sure. Pierre Woods? You bet. But Quadtrine Hill? Justise Hairston? WHY????
  6. BB_dynasty

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    I would like to hear more about stallworth. I have mainly heard about Moss and Welker.
  7. zippo59

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    I think the running backs are mostly set. Maroney, Faulk, Morris, Evans. I don't think there is room for anyone else from a numbers standpoint, and it seems like the Patriots are committed to each one so I don't see who they would cut to make room for someone else.
  8. mgteich

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    I agree

    I don't think that we'll go into the season with only four running backs, and NO, Mills is NOT a running back.

    In the end, BARRING INJURY, we're fine at RB. Maroney will likely have 1500 yards. However, football in not played in that fantasy world. We do indeed need to be prepared for injuries to our running backs. You'd think we'd learn.

    For the record, I rally like all four of our running backs. I would like a short yardage back, but Morris might really be able to do the job.

  9. Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Other than Chris Brown, who else is worth a look out there?
  10. KDPpatsfan

    KDPpatsfan Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    In case of injury I can think of one name I would like to see...


    You really think that if someone got injured mid-season and he was available that there would be anyone else they would call?

    Can you say shadow roster?
  11. DarrylS

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    Meriweather has been out, but would really like some more info on how good is he projected to be.. 1st round safeties up to now have excellent reps.. but then again if he is not on the field.

    Also like to know more about Chad Jackson, but then again see above.
  12. MetalBleachers

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    You're right: Mills is not a running back. But is he a tight end? If so, that makes him the fourth TE on the roster. I think Mills has something to contribute and I'd like to see him make the squad, I just don't know where he fits (especially with 4 RBs, 3 TEs and 5-6 WRs making it).

    Can someone enlighten me? :confused:
  13. BelichickFan

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    I don't think there's any chance Dillon comes back. I think Belichick has washed his hands of him.

    On Mills, if another RB makes the team I think Mills is competing with Evans, not that Mills is a FB but another RB would mean few carries for Evans so his role would be blocking and some catches which Mills can do.
  14. patpatriot

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    Mills is an H-back. He's mostly a third down type guy. He's bigger than Faulk and Morris so He's a better blocking option. He apparently is a great pass-catcher (at least in college) but his main contribution is going to have to be on special teams if he hopes to make the club. I think he played a lot of ST in college and was even a returner at some point.
  15. DaBruinz

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    I guess that my saying that I didn't want to see a re-hash of the 2005 season where we had to go and bring in Mike Cloud and Heath Evans to have RBs on the field wasn't enough for you.

    The fact of the matter is that there are questions with the Pats current RB depth. Maroney's shoulder/rib injury. Faulk being injury prone. Morris wearing a red non-contact jersey during the last 3 camps. I'd like the Pats to be able to KILL THE CLOCK late in the game by running the ball successfully and not having to rely on Heath Evans. It was one of the things that tripped them up in the AFCCG. Dillon, Faulk and Maroney were all injured by the 4th quarter and the Pats were having to rely on Evans to get the job done and they showed how little faith they had when they insisted on passing the ball 4 times in a row with only 4:39 left in the game. One time was a 25 yard completion to Graham. The rest were incomplete. They killed 52 seconds or something like that off the clock and gave Indy the ball back.
  16. sieglo

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    Please explain why you think this. What evidence is there?
  17. Pats726

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    Actually more like 3 weeks...he was signed just before the Jets playoff less than a month...but obviously they liked what they saw
  18. Lloyd_Christmas

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    I don't see any of those guys making the team (maybe the PS though).

    I'm wondering about Washington (who I see as a player on the bubble), Mills, and some of the late round Olinemen and DL/LBs we drafted this year.
  19. Pat_the_Patriot

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    I'd really like to hear more about James... I think that he's a solid player that will see some real time with our secondary this year. I understand that he is "old"... but dude can play. I thought he was severely underrated in the latter part of his career with Cincy and am interested to see what he'll be bringing now that he is playing with our dominant front seven.
  20. BelichickFan

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    I can't prove it - sorry no evidence - but there was an interview with Pioli just after he was released and Pioli seemed to go out of his way to say the Patriots chose to release him; versus Dillon asking for his release as had been stated in some reports.

    It's just how I read Pioli - I don't think there's any interest in bringing him back.

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