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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by R_T26, May 2, 2006.

  1. R_T26

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  2. OhExaulted1

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    I love the Ben Watson - Vernon Davis comparison.
  3. PatsWorldChamps

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    i think leinart is as far from brady as you could get.
  4. T-ShirtDynasty

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    Yikes. :D
  5. PATSNUTme

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    Byrd compare to one of my all time favorites- J. Wiggins.

    These grades and comparison are fun but quite sily. These guys have not taken a snap in the NFl and being compared to players like Brady.:eek:
  6. NE_PATS_FAN_54

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    what??? leinart compares well to brady....and leinart has accomplished more at this time in his career than compared to what brady had accomplished in college...2 nat'l championships and leinart was THE starter at usc. i dont see that cardinals becoming the next patriots but i think leinart has all the intangibles to be the next brady(if thats possible).....
    but i do find that davis comparison very interesting...just not sure if thats a good thing for davis or not.
  7. desi-patsfan

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    WHy wouldnt it be a good thing for davis? Everyone agrees Watson has the potential to be a great player.
  8. Remix 6

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    only reason Vernon is next to Watson is because both were fastest tightends coming out recently and because they are both very strong .. other than that i'll say Crumpler
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  9. zippo59

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    You say Leinart has all the intangibles of Brady but when has he showed Brady's poise, leadership, confidence, determination, and coolness under pressure? He has shown perhaps a few but I don't think he has shown all of them. Having all the intangibles that Brady has in one player is incredibly rare, so unless proven otherwise you can't just state that Leinart has all of them too.
  10. bigrichard93

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    my own comparisons, if these guys reach their potential...

    Maroney= Edgerin James
    Jackson= Chad Johnson
    Thomas= L.J. Smith
    Mills= Chris Cooley
    Godkowski= John Hall
    O'Callaghan= Tra Thomas
    Mincey= Terrell Suggs (little less speed)
    Stevenson= Barry Sims
    Smith= Sam Adams (more athletic)
    Andrews= Allen Rossum
  11. zippo59

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    Overrall I think those comparison are good but I see Thomas as more of a Jason Witten and Maroney has more speed and big play ability than Edge.
  12. IcyPatriot

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  13. bigrichard93

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    ya i was actually debating between Witten and Smith but went with Smith because of the size. He has the size of Smith, but plays like Witten.
  14. mavfan2390

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    I hope Jackson doesn't get Johnsons attitude haha. Man that just reminds me, I'd LOVE to have Suggs on the Patriots...if he would play in the scheme...just imagine...
  15. arrellbee

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    Let me give you some food for thought. Certainly, as with most QBs coming into the NFL, it's hard to predict - but a LOT of QBs that were highly hyped coming out of college were poor to absolute busts.

    It has been commented on in any number of analyses that Leinart doesn't have the arm strength that is probably needed to succeed. And yet everyone turns around and seems to ignore that. I don't see how they can do that. If defenses can shrink the field on him, he's dead. He has a nice touch on early throws on a fly pattern. But in the NFL, if he's off in the slightest, those kind of throws give up interceptions.

    Another thing that is a personal impression - I just simply don't see the intensity or fire in Leinart that is needed to succeed in the NFL. Maybe it's just me. It seems like he is a lot more involved in the whole 'hyped QB' thing as opposed to be inclined to be an intense student of the game. If he goes about his NFL play thinking it will come to him without a lot of really hard work and learning, he's cooked.

    Only time will tell. But I have some serious doubts.
  16. big mike

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    So you think Marcus Vick is closer to Brady?

    How about Ted Washington?

    Hillary Duff?
  17. Ahriman

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    Poor kid. His career is over before it even started. How could anyone compare anyone to J.P. Loss-man. Terrible QB.
  18. Joe_n99

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    You guys don't mess around when it comes to callin' out the hyperbole!
    He could be right though... Leinart is probably in CA or AZ and Vick, Washington and Duff could be in Boston today for all we know... much, much, closer... or did you mean talent wise..:bricks:
  19. AndyJohnson

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    There have been 100s of QBs who had a better chance of being great right after being drafted than Tom Brady. What Tom Brady is 99% of happened after his name was called 199th in 2000.
    Of course he was born with qualities that allowed him to make that jump, but no one can really know whether a player has that or not before they enter the league.
    I have no problem comparing rookies to Brady as long as its understood what Brady did from that point to now is a 1000 to 1 shot or worse.

    By the way, I dont think they are comparing being a 'winner' or clutch play, but basic attrbutes, strenghts weaknesses, and potential.

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