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Picks for all games this week since we are off

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOT64, Oct 13, 2006.

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    Apr 28, 2006
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    Because we are on the bye week I am going to predict the scores for all the other games this week that we really don't care that much about....​
    Cincinnati 24 Tampa Bay 10 - Even with Simms the Bucs would be hard pressed to win their first game against the Bengals​
    Washington 23 Tennessee 14 - The Titans gave a great performance last week against Indy,it may have tired them out both mentally and physically,especially with 2 in a row on the road​
    Dallas 28 Houston 21 - The battle for Texas bragging rights might be closer than what people think,T.O. stops whining for the moment and has a big day​
    Detroit 16 Buffalo 13 - The Lions grab their first win of the season as they catch the Bills looking ahead to a big divisional game against the front running Pats​
    Seattle 30 St. Louis 16 - The Seahawks rebound from that beating in Chicago to rout the Rams - Deion Branch has a big day with 145 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns​
    New York Giants 20 Atlanta 14 - The Giants need this one to stay alive in the tough NFC East,They pound the rock with Barber all day and control the clock​
    Philadelphia 27 New Orleans 20 - The Eagles are 6-0 against the Saints the past 6 meetings,that stat is good enough for me,Bush gets contained​
    Miami 24 NY Jets 21 - The Dolphins offense gets some actual productivity from the WRs-Chris Chambers break out game is way overdue and he gets it done against a porous Jets secondary​
    San Diego 23 San Francisco 21 - The Chargers survive a week 6 shocker with a last minute FG to win this game,This game will be closer than you think​
    Pittsburgh 35 Kansas City 17 - Big Ben comes out of his slump and throws 3 TDs to Ward and Willie Parker pounds the ball for 130 yards and Polamalu takes an INT to the house-A rout which brings back some slim SB hope to the faithful of the Steel city​
    Denver 30 Oakland 10 - Only mercy from Shanahan keeps the Raiders from staying in this game by the end of the first half-No better way to improve your bad Offensive statistics than by playing the Raiders-Jay Cutler comes in to clean up duty late in the game.​
    Chicago 26 Arizona 12 - Tommie Harris and company welcomes Matt Leinart to the NFL- Kurt Warner smiles from the sideline holding the clipboard saying 'Thank God Matt took over the reigns with nights like this-I can't wait to retire'​
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    That was fun now hopefully we beat Peter King. :D

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