Picked a good game for my first Foxboro visit in eight years!

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    The last game I went to in Foxboro was the Pats-Packers in '02 and was a terrible showing, plus it rained to add to the misery. I moved to California in '05, so I've been trying to get back to a game for quite some time, and although I did get to see the Pats play the Niners in '08, I have to admit that not seeing my idle (#12) put a little damper on the game.

    Anyway, I was extremely pumped for this game, as it coincided perfectly with my Thanksgiving visit, and we were able to score first level tickets behind the endzone, right in the center, so I got a really good look from the QB's perspective. Here are some of my thoughts:

    1. Brady is like a robot. The guy is just a prototypical quarterback. He is extremely smooth and supremely accurate. I can't think of more than a few passes that weren't perfectly delivered. Not sure why Manning is always called "the surgeon." Brady is more apt for that description.

    2. I know this has been dissected to death, but I really think this offense can be more effective without Moss. They just have so many potential targets, and Branch adds the element of mystery. He won't burn defenses, but watching the way the Colts tried to matchup with these receivers and tight ends, it was evident that this offense is very special. Hernandez is the Pats leading receiver, yet he played infrequently and they still put up 31 points; it's nice to have all those options.

    3. Manning's interceptions were really head scratchers. The first was an overthrow which wasn't such a bad mistake. The one to McCourty was just a terrible pass. Before he threw the ball, it was clear that there was no receiver in the area. On the final interception, he panicked; the split second when he released the ball, it was obvious what was going to happen. I was completely convinced we would be in OT at best, and probably not even there. The crowd was really demoralized and in disbelief until Manning threw the ball right into Sanders' hands. It was still hard to grasp what had just happened... this was a big-time rookie mistake and a shocker.

    4. Enough of the Woodhead=Rudy talk. Woodhead runs a 4.35 40 and has the physical tools to be a great NFL player. Not sure why it matters that he's 5-7 with his role. He is an incredible center of balance and is always running forward. Don't count your lucky stars when he makes a good play; he should make a lot more of them before his career is over. A guy sitting behind me made a great point: the new 39 has made more great plays in eight games than the old 39 made in four seasons. Dare I say it that Woodhead is an upgrade over the 33-year old Kevin Faulk (sorry, Kevin, you are still the man, and thanks for all the great memories.) Also BJGE is a very good running back. A lot of extra yardage after contact.

    5. Wilfork is simply a beast. Seeing the games lives, you notice just how much he dominates the line and shuts down the running game. He is the most irreplaceable player on the defense, and second most on the team. The Pats are missing one big playmaker on defense, but every team has problems, and 8-2 suggests ours are not as great as 29 other teams. Tully Banta-Cain needs to develop some kind of spin move or something; every pass rushing attempt was the same predictable pattern. I felt the secondary wasn't as big a problem as the complete lack of pressure on obvious passing downs. Losing Seymour and Warren is obviously the main culprit, but at least these new guys (Deaderick, Pryor, G Warren) can stop the run, which was a big problem last year.

    6. The crowd was really awesome. High fives after every big play with complete strangers. I'm going to make a point to go to a game every year. I am really missing a lot on TV. I'm convinced the Patriots are better than I thought they were.
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    Who is Rudy?
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