Petition to Apply Discrimination to the Basketball Team?

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by State, Aug 4, 2011.

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    At some dumbversity in Mexifornia a student engaged some of its students who support affirmative action and asked them to sign a petition to extend the same practice to the school's sports teams.

    Specifically basketball, which he asserts is over ninety percent black.

    ‪Petition to Apply Affirmative Action to Basketball Team‬‏ - YouTube

    The responses are really fun to watch.

    I guess in defense of the floundering students one can allege that athletic skills are an objective thing while intelligence isn't. But that would merely be showing one's ignorance of the great Arthur Jensen who has demonstrated to pychometrians, the experts in the field, that g or general intelligence is much akin to one's speed in running. I'm reminded that a well-known child psychologist like Jerome Kagan at Harvard admits he was dragged "kicking and screaming" to that position--and that it, g or general intelligence, is at least partially inherited by one's DNA.

    But I guess it's no longer necessary to be smart to attend college like it was traditionally thought to be. I recall the Patriots LBer from Ohio State taken in the same draft as Damien Woody, Andy Katzenmoyer, that one of the courses he took and struggled with was AIDS awareness.

    Ohio State's answer to basket weaving i guess.
    Any chance to practice diversity on the basketball team?
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    Lantisy unflooking am blasturating blunghoogy.

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    If there's evidence of racial discrimination in basketball, then that should be fought regardless of who is discriminated against. Historically, affirmative action has been used to bring greater equality to businesses that clearly discriminated against people of color (and others). Affirmative action did a wonderful job in terms of helping integrate police and fire departments, and Nixon's Philadelphia Order played a big role in helping integrated the construction industry.

    Intelligence testing is a very controversial, not only because it has a standard deviation of 15 points (meaning that someone with an IQ of 95 is either close to retarded or somewhat above average), but because it was created by wealthy, college educated white guys who decided what the measure of intelligence should be, the same sort of people who also decided what great music, literature, and art is, i.e., primarily that created by white western guys.

    Obviously, the creators of the video have no knowledge of intelligence testing nor what affirmative action is. The video (of which I only watched part) is manipulative and the interviews are chosen to embrace its ignorant message.
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    Does this thread have any meaning with the Chinese basketball thread. :confused2:

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