Peter king on favre denials

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by SVN, Oct 22, 2008.

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    I'm as big a Favre is over-rated -exposed and -the-hill guy as anyone else, but I have to say this whole Favre talked to Millen to help Lions against Packers is a bunch of crap.

    Lions lost 48-25, their worst of the year. If Favre really gave them info on beating the Pack they ought to be embarressed ... what would they have lost 60 - 14 otherwise?

    No matter what did or did not happen, IT HAD NO BEARING ON THE OUTCOME. So even if he talked there was no harm. And when there's no harm, there's no foul and the media should just shut up about it.

    Really all this has turned into is another media excuse to keep shoving Favre down our throats 24-7, in those brief intervals when they aren't shoving Cowboys down there already
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    i dont think its about the result of the game. the fact that he spent 1 hr explaining about a team he played for 16 odd yrs and guys he played with last yr in week 2 when he should be worried about the pats when the jets are not even in the same conference , that is the deal here. lions couldve had the packers playbook and not won , thats beside the point.
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    I will tell you why Favre gets the benefit of the doubt. The Patriots after spygate has a reputation of being deceptive and we later found out they admitted to cheating for over 6 seasons. Favre on the other hand has zero history of cheating therefore has earned the benefit of the doubt.
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