Pete Prisco's come a long way

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by MDD, Dec 20, 2006.

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    From "most overrated player in the NFL" (2002) to this. . .

    Tom Brady, QB, Patriots: This one makes no sense, especially since he's one of the popular guys. Philip Rivers has had a nice season, but Brady should go ahead of him. He has more yards and more touchdown passes. His passer rating is lower, but Brady doesn't have L.T. behind him or Antonio Gates in front of him.
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    It was atleast a little consolation that Tom Brady was not alone on that list. There were alot of really good players left off. I'll be boycotting this seasons probowl again. It's not like I've watched in 5 years anyways lol
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    A-freaking-men. L.T., looking to me like he'll get into the list of top ten all time running backs this year, better than that if he keeps it up. Gates is as good as Gonzalez now, 'nuf sed. Rivers stepped into a pretty nice setup.
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    Yup.Missile is right on ,there are so many excellent players that dont make the pro bowl,because its a popularity contest....its too bad.

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