PETA Trial Testimony

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Real World, Jan 25, 2007.

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    Well, not that I've ever been a big fan of PETA, but this is pretty messed up. I support protecting against animal cruelty, and in that respect, I like PETA basic cause. However, I've always felt that they're far too loony a bunch. Anyhow, I guess this is how they "protect" animals. By murdering a mother cat and her 2 kittens.

    The most heart-wrenching detail in the prosecution's case so far involves a cat and two kittens Hinkle and Cook allegedly took from the Ahoskie Animal Hospital on the false promise that PETA would find them adoptive homes. Asbell describes the scene:

    On this day, on June 15, [an Ahoskie Animal Hospital employee] called and said that they had a momma cat and two kittens, and they were in good shape. They wanted to adopt them out. When Ms. Hinkle and Mr. Cook went to the shelter on that date, they walked inside, and Ms. Tonya Northcott, one of the employees at the Ahoskie Animal Hospital, came out from the back, and said "You're here for the kittens, the cat and the kittens." … And she said "yes." She went back to the back, got the carrier, got the momma cat, got the two baby kittens, brought them out, and handed them to Ms. Hinkle.

    Ms. Northcott said to her: "These animals -- you're not going to have any -- well, you'll be able to adopt these cats out. We've socialized them, we've played with them, they've had their shots, everything's fine with them." Ms. Hinkle looked at Ms. Northcott and said: "We'll have no problem finding homes for these cats. None at all."

    There was a little girl standing in the front as well. And the little girl had adopted the brother of one of the kittens. And she was looking at the kittens. And Ms. Hinkle looked at her and said: "We'll have no problem placing, we'll have no problem helping these cats" … At that point, Ms. Hinkle and Mr. Cook left, they took the cats, left, went out and got back in the van.

    Those cats ended up in a trash dumpster less than an hour later.
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    When I was a kid sitting on a milk case on the street corner one of the kids Grandfathers was sitting with us, he was an Old Black Man from the South and he had seen a lot of bad sh!t in his day, he used to tell us "stay away from the do-gooders, they will bring nothing but trouble"
    (he would be about 130 yrs old were he alive today) but he hit the nail right on the head,

    Do-Gooders are either trying to "Stir Up Trouble" or they are trying to "Satisfy Their Craving For Attention" I personally think they become "sexually aroused" if they can make people dislike them.
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