Perfect Storm

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by FrontSeven, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. FrontSeven

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    Remember The Perfect Storm was actually comprised of multiple storms all merging? That's the game Sunday. Dallas is the Andrea Gale floating on the high seas, wondering what all the fuss on the horizon is about. Sayonara, white men. We tried to warn you via radio, TV and carrier pigeon.

    The perfect storm, as I see it:

    1. Buffalo coaches demonstrate what confuses the QB.
    2. The QB is looking in the mirror and distracted by his own image.
    3. Short week to prepare.
    4. Draining experience that left them in a state of adrenalin depletion.

    You don't need that right before a matchup with NE.

    I don't think the Cowboys had a shot on paper anyway. But as they proved last night, resiliency counts, heart counts, and whomever wants the game the most will usually prevail. We need our A game, not our Browns game.

    One thing they did do well is get the ball to Witten. The other thing they did well was bounce back from turnovers, and prove that they have a kicker who can't be iced.

    Still, it's too little and too late .......... a kicker won't help their lost souls Sunday.
  2. PatSunday

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    Currently, the Patriots biggest weakness heading into this game is that Brady has not proven he can win games after causing six turnovers. Patriots are also untested at being three or four scores behind and having to win the game on a squib quick and a 53-yard field goal. The Cowboys have an advantage here. Other than that, I think the Patriots have many advantages.

    While the Bills are not a mighty opponent, the Cowboys did show convincingly that they're at least one field goal better. Cowboys fans in their forums think this means they have a good chance to beat the Patriots. I think the Cowboys have a good chance to lose 38-10.
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  3. patsox23

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    LOL. well played.
  4. DarrylS

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    No one is better in this league for picking up a weakness and exploiting it than BB, the Cowboys do not have the time or coaching to adjust to us.
  5. Sivy

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    do you really think brady will ever throw 5 interceptions in one game? He might not even end up with 5 on the season.

    I hate to break it to anyone who loves Tony, but Romo, is no Brady.
  6. Nordy

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    His post seems to have went over your head.
  7. Redcell

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    Like a Tony Romo pass, eh?
  8. jaytyme

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  9. PatSunday

    PatSunday Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Bill Belichick is only about half-way done building this team. There is still a lot of work left to be done.
  10. jaytyme

    jaytyme Practice Squad Player

    now there's a scary thought, but you are right!!!!!
    bill has yet to solidify the practice squad, stop the war in iraq or mitigate the effects of global warming. alotta work to be done.

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