Perfect Season Simply Not To Be

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Article, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Article Article In the Starting Line-Up

    Tom Brady did what he had to do, the Patriot defense did not.

  2. Spiral

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    Bookend Superbowls

    The favorite's victory over the underdog during the regular season. The favoriteā€™s confidence going into the game. The underdog's intensity. The double-digit underdogs play aggressive, physical defense and outplay the favorite's ā€œunstoppableā€ offense. The favoriteā€™s coaching staff fails to make adjustments to the underdogā€™s defensive strategy until itā€™s too late. The favoriteā€™s offense only starts clicking when the underdogā€™s pass rush wears down in the 4th quarter. The favoriteā€™s defense canā€™t make any plays during the underdogā€™s final drive.

    The end of an era for both teams that were on the losing end of these games?
  3. Patriotstillthedayidie

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    I'm speechless.
  4. SavioKid

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    Tom Brady did what he had to do which was 14 points ?!?! If anyone told you the defense was only going to give up 17 points, then you would 100% believe a PATS win.
    The f*ckin offense did sh*t, the Giants pass rush dictated the game and Brady & Coach B didn't adjust to it to well at all.
    The defense played a pretty good game: That last minute drive was helped by an unbelievable 'helmet' catch by a NYG & Samuel missing a gimme INT...

    This s*cks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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