Percentages of Brady's completions to his TE/RB vs. WR this year

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    The % of Brady's completions to his TE/RB vs. WR this year is getting closer and closer to 50/50. Last time I checked the percentage was 53/47 in favor of TE/RBs, now its 52/48 -- still in favor of TE/RBs. We haven't seen this much parity of his completions since the 2003 season which was 52/48 in favor of WRs.

    The percentage of Brady's completions to his TE's and RB's vs. his WRs in 2006 vs. other years

    2006 (up to this point in the season)

    TE’s and RB’s………114 catches…..52% of Brady’s completions
    WR’s………………..107 catches…..48% of Brady’s completions

    TE’s and RB’s………123 catches….37% of Brady’s completions
    WR’s………………..211 catches….63% of Brady’s completions

    TE’s and RB’s………126 catches….44% of Brady’s completions
    WR’s………………..162 catches….56% of Brady’s completions

    TE’s and RB’s……….152 catches….48% of Brady’s completions
    WR’s…………………165 catches….52% of Brady’s completions

    TE’s and RB’s……….152 catches….40% of Brady’s completions
    WR’s…………………222 catches….60% of Brady’s completions

    Incidentally, our two worse years (2002, 2005) were the years when we threw to the WR over 60% of the time.
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    Very interesting - I like the concept for perspective on the situation today, but it would be a clearer picture if you could get actual throws vice completions, though just the completions alone are intriguing...:rocker:
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    GREAT. F-ing. POST. Thanks for the hard work. Interesting stuff.
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    I like the balance. We have always been talking about how we wanted to get the TE's more involved in the passing game.
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    #50 Jersey

    What about 2001? We weren't throwing to the TE's much that year until the playoffs.
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    What? An intelligent post!

    Like a diamond in a turd pile! :rolleyes:

    Keep up the good work. :rocker:
  7. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    The stats don't tell the whole picture, because in 2001 the TE's had about 10 catches total in the regular season, so it was a lot of Marc Edwards and Faulk and a little Antwain Smith as well.

    2002 was also not a huge TE year, but it was the year of the screen pass. So Smith and Faulk got a lot of LOS passes.

    2003 had some Grambo, Fauria, and screen passes to the RBs with a little Larry Centers thrown in.

    2004 had less throws to the TEs and RBs because we could just hand the ball to Corey and watch heads roll. :rocker:

    2005 was way down because Faulk was out, Corey was questionable/out, Grambo was part time, ect.

    2006 is really the year of the TE, and really it is all about Watson. Love it when Maroney gets a pass thrown his way so far. Faulk has been rather trick or treat this season. :rolleyes:

    As Caldwell represents most of our WR action these days, he is helping to close the gap I guess, but it would be cool to see the other WRs help balance out the stats a little more!

    Wonder if Pass actually gets involved and tips the scales back the other way? Hell, we need somebody out there catching balls. :eek:

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