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    For some of these jackasses who are complaining about the Pats leaving in starters, could someone who is more familiar confirm for me that some players on the team have a percentage of plays incentive clauses in their contracts?

    And if so, wouldn't taking them out early perhaps lead to them making less money? And if so, how is that fair? The better they play, the more potential for earning less? Couldn't that cause problems in the clubhouse, even subconsciously? By doing a good job, don't they deserve the chance to hit their incentives? Even other incentives, like catches, yards, etc. could be at risk if John Dennis got his way and as many starters as possible sat in the third quarter. Is that the way to reward good performance? The Pats are supposed to care more about some team that plays like **** more than their own players' happiness?

    Has any of these complainers ever considered THAT?

    J D Sal
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