Paulson hires former Goldman Sachs banker to oversee 700 billion

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    The Man With the $700 Billion Wallet

    Kashkari is an Indian-American who has a few things in common with Paulson .Both are former Goldman Sachs bankers, though Kashkari, at 35 years old, is much younger and was just a vice president-level banker in Goldman’s San Francisco technology banking effort when Paulson tapped him to join Treasury.

    Deal Journal - : Meet Neel Kashkari: The Man With the $700 Billion Wallet

    In this undated photo provided by the U.S. Treasury Department, ... - Yahoo! News Photos

    Goldman sachs , hmmmm *cough*
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    #80 Jersey

    Thank GOD!

    good thing we put that money in the hands of the people who can p!$$ it away the fastest! Yay!

    BTW, wher do I send my $2,500 share of this Bill...should I send it directly to Mr Paulson or what?

    have you figured out that this is a swindle yet? Ever heard of the Sex Pistols?...huh? Hmmm?

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