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    Hey everyone,

    All in all, word coming out of the first week of training camp has it looking like a great success. In this podcast, we give our uniquely uninformed, homerific perspective on Welker, Burgress, Ogunleye, Patten, Brady, Tate, Guyton, and more. As far as Accountability Watch 2010 goes (I just made that name up, but sure, let's run with it), we have some stern words for Tom Curran. But hey, somebody had to play the role of disingenuous, sensationalist old media hack, and the man has stepped up and defended the crown that he won fairly in 2009.

    On a side note, PatsCast Daily is shooting in HD now, so be sure to check that out. We're not pale as ghosts anymore (well, Stephen's not; I'm Irish so I can't help it), so that's cool.

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