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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by rtunstal, Nov 7, 2006.

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    I have been reading post on other web sites and it seems that everyone is saying that the wide receivers that we have are horrible. For give me if I?m wrong but wasn?t that the same group that everyone was ecstatic about last weekend, they go from being good to bad. I think the offence as a whole stunk it up. The play calling along with the executions had a lot to do with it. The patriots did not play there type of ball control they played Payton ball, which was their demise in the end. This team will correct this mistake and hopefully not play into anyone else?s game plan; if they do they deserve to lose.

    Josh may call the plays but the team also has to execute the plays if they don?t it will fail.

    Everyone is down on McDaniel?s and I don?t blame them, he does not make the right adjustments during the game to help the team. Charlie was good at that.

    The patriots are a good team and in time will be one of the elite again, but for right now they are a really good team. I think come playoff time they should be clicking on all cylinders, making this team really hard to beat wither they are at home or on the road.
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    Speaking of our WR's - what happened to Gaffney????

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