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    Think about, according to an ESPN analyst the encryption of the stolen defensive signals from the film were probably matched up with the topographic print shots at half time. So, it is safe to assume the following:

    - First TD drive: the taping probably began, but since there is no knowledge behind any signals, and probably no trends (unless the Jets called the exact same defensive plays consecutively) the Pats deservedly scored their opening TD without cheating.
    - Second TD drive: again, basing this off of the analyst’s theory, the Patriots scored this TD before half time.
    - Third TD drive: Special teams TD, there is NO WAY the pats could’ve cheated on this play. No insider knowledge can help on where the ball is kicked, how deep into the endzone, where attackers and gunners are coming from.
    - Fifth TD drive: At this point in the game, the Patriots were clearly running out the clock. It is probably safe to assume the cameraman had already been apprehended by the Jets security staff (make note that no one has stated the exact time the cameraman was detained) because the Pats started the drive at the 6:02 mark of the 4th quarter and ended the drive just at the 2 minute warning. There is no way the Jets staff would have allowed him to tape the entire game.

    So in all likelihood, four TDs were the result of fair play. In addition, we are basically throwing out the amazing 51 yard TD by Randy Moss in triple coverage because it is suspected the pats knew where the blitzer’s were coming from.

    Now, to put this all into perspective, no matter how much stealing or cheating went on that day, the mere fact is the JETS were only good enough to score 14 points on our defense. In other words, the Jets would’ve only score 14 points because their offensive play calling wasn’t being stolen. Proof? Offensive signals are relayed from the coach’s (or offensive coordinators) microphone (coaches normally cover their mouths) to the QBs earpiece and then to the rest of the offensive unit in the huddle. It is impossible for the Patriots defensive unit to have had a competitive advantage.

    Therefore, without the cheating and stealing of play calls (which could’ve lasted only about the first 3 quarters) the Patriots, were able to score four TD’s to the Jets two.

    Cheaters? maybe, but still more dominant.
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