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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by patpatriot, Jan 17, 2008.

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    I've watched the Pats/Jags and Colts/Bolts games twice now and have a few observations I'd like our intelligent (meaning no teen-age smack talkers) members opinions on:

    1. The Bolts Defense compares to the Colts defense like this;

    O Colts D-line - worse than the Colts Dline but not by a huge degree. Factor in injury/fatigue and I think we are facing the equivelant of the Colts Dline without Freeney. Refer back to the Pats win in Indy when Freeney was there. This is goodness in our favor.

    O Colts LBs VS Bolts LBs - No comparison _ Bolts LBs are strong at 3 out of 4 positions. The can rush the passer from both sides effectively. Merriweather may be dinged; that will help especially since it means the Pats can give Kaczur the extra help and depend on light to handle the banged up Merrriweather. But still they are a quantum leap above the Colts LBs. They can stick and run *and* they can cover. Gotta find a way to use their agressiveness against them- Center screens?

    Colts HC vs Bolts HC _ Dungy get the overall nod but Turner is capab le of turning in an innovative game plan.

    Colts DBs vs Bolts DBs _ Overall about even. The Colts DBs are more steady. The Bolts DBs go more for the big play. Again, the Pats have to find a way to make that work for them. I hope BB has run them through the "scramble drill" where the O has to turn immediately to D because of a turn over. We can't afford any cheap TDs on TOs.

    The Colts O stacks up against the Bolts O like this:

    Colts Oline vs the Bolts Oline - dead even. Both are great. Studded with All-Stars. Fortunately, so are the Pats.

    Colts WRs vs the Bolts WRs - dead even. The injuries to Harrison and Gates cancel each other out. Wayne is better than Jackson. "Whoever for the Colts" is worse than Chambers (bit remember Pars fans; this is House of Horrors Chambers. He's awesome! He's awful! I think we don't need to worry about this chap. The Pats have taken him out of games easily before.)

    Colts RBs vs Bolts RB - decided advantage to the Bolts here. But are they better than Jacksonville? I don't think so.

    Colts TEs vs Bolts TEs - Colts get the nod due to Bolts injuries.

    Colts QBs vs Bolts QBs - cammahn...

    Colts STs vs Bolts STs - Nod to Colts due to Kaeding injury but Sproles is the *man*.

    Overall assessment?

    The Bolts are *hot* but they are not better than the Colts and barely the equal of Jacksonville. If the Pats protect the ball, they should win by more than 7 points.

    That said, I'm taking the Bolts and the points. I expect a hard fought game but the cumulative effects of the extra game played by the Bolts plus their key injuries plus the HFA tell me the Pats should roll by 7 - 10 points.
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