Pats take S Willie Andrews at #229

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  1. pats1

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    From Baylor:


    Pros: Andrews delivers powerful hits from the free safety position. He is a fine athlete who runs very well. His instincts allow him to compensate for his marginal size. He has good range with the speed and instincts to play the centerfield position well and more than capable to match up in the deep zones. He is a tough, relentless player that relishes contact. His playing strength is good and he can bring down the ball-carrier hard. He does have some return skills. In college, he was a good overall special teams player.

    Cons: He needs extensive weight training to get up to NFL standards. His flexibility in the hips is tight and he fails to naturally open up well to run with receivers. He is better in zone rather than man coverage. His size is a definite liability in playing special teams in the NFL. At the East-West All-Star game, he lined up on the corner after starting exclusively at safety during his Baylor career. He shows the athleticism to make the conversion, but struggled during the game.

    Numbers: At the Combine, he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.38 and 4.47 seconds with a 36.5” vertical jump, 10’4” broad jump. He did only seven reps in the 225-pound bench press.

    Skinny: He will have to find a niche in the NFL and has the look of a dime safety and potential nickel corner, but only after development. He may fit best as a No. 5 or No. 6 defensive back for multiple packages. He is a possible late pick, or a high priority free agent signee with the athletic ability and intangible to have a nice career as a role defender.
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  2. The Coon

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    watched this guy a couple times last season, good player...also can return kicks
  3. primetime

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    #18 Jersey

    War Room analysis
    Strengths: A natural playmaker with excellent speed and a nose for the ball. Plays to the whistle, and shows above-average instincts. Possesses good tackling skills, and is a good blitzer. Is versatile; contributes on special teams.

    Weaknesses: Is short. Lacks the height to knock down passes, and lacks great hands or ball skills. Can't deliver huge hits, and often is overpowered at the point of attack.

    Bottom line: A technically sound player who shows great on-field awareness, Andrews can wreak havoc against the run and makes great moves on the ball. However, he lacks the size and strength to compete against elite competition and will warrant no more than a late-Round 6 selection.

    Dan Pompei analysis
    Is short, but has some speed and skills. Reads plays pretty well. Puts himself in position to make the play, but sometimes fails to finish it. Tries to be physical, but isn't big enough. Could be moved to cornerback. Can contribute on special teams.
    No. 24 on Pompei's safety rankings
  4. Remix 6

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    4.38 speed..5"9 safety/corner tweener

    i wanted mcphearson .. 4.21 speed :eek:
  5. Ceresco

    Ceresco Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    He's short 5 foot 9
  6. jaj18

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    Hes small for a safety. 5-9, 193, But is fast and can return kicks. Most likely a career special teams player
  7. PATRIOTS-80

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  8. Remix 6

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    says cant deliver a big hit but on Baylor site they said can deliver it
  9. zippo59

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    With his size and speed looks he will be a corner.
  10. harveyw

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    And there is our return man, THANKS BB/SP well done.
  11. OntarioPatsFan

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    7 225lbs reps! Jeez, I can squeeze out more then that.
  12. PATRIOTS-80

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  13. Seymour93

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    Wish I could say I knew something about this kid since he's from a school in my state, however it's hard to notice players on teams like Baylor.
  14. mwonow

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    This is the only pick in the draft that seems to say "fodder/early cut"...which isn't bad, with 10 picks, and a playoff team...
  15. PATRIOTS-80

    PATRIOTS-80 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    His first name is Willie. LOL
  16. Kdo5

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    #26 Jersey

    He wont get much time in the backfield. He'll be mostly a special teams player.
  17. thecrazyeye

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    how can anyone question this pick

    a small but extremely fast cb project who can also play safety. We got him at the end of the 7th round. I'm rooting for him to be our 6th cb. you know how BB likes corners that can tackle
  18. primetime

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    #18 Jersey

    He might be able to steal Chad Scott's roster spot.
  19. JackBauer

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    Who are our special teams returners?

    He could also beat out Poteat.
  20. 363839

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    He won't be a corner or a safety.
    He'll be a defensive back.

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