Pats still in the mix for Stallworth

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    Sounds like every city Rosenhaus visits is Stallworth's favorite city.


    ESPN NFL Insider
    Stallworth exploring options
    <Mar. 9> Following visits to New England (Tuesday) and Tennessee (Wedesday), Stallworth continued his free-agent tour on Thursday with a stop in Miami, according to multiple reports.
    Stallworth's decision could be delayed by a trip to San Francisco, which has entered the mix late, reports the Boston Herald. The Patriots are believed to be the wide receiver's second choice, behind the Eagles, but Philly doesn't appear to be very interested in re-signing the 26-year-old.

    A report surfaced Thursday indicating that Stallworth has received a one-year contract offer from the Eagles, but the Philadelphia Inquirer claims that's not the case. According to the newspaper, Rosenhaus has not spoken to the Eagles since Tuesday
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  3. Cramden

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    Why does it seem that one never comes away from dealing with a Drew Rosenhaus client and the first thing that pops into your mind is "Hey, that went smoothly" ? I know he's looking out for his clients best interests but most agents do the same and create a lot less controversy in the process.

    While the addition of Stallworth would provide this team with a much needed weapon I'm quickly losing interest in this whole dog and pony show. I'm guessing the Pats are too since they continue to look at other options at WR, hopefully more than K. Washington.
  4. mgteich

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    The patriots do NOT lose interest in a player just because he wants to negotiate with other team. You are confusing the FO with posters. With Stallworth, he was never coming back to Philly (really wouldn't pay the market price). He wants to come to NE. However, he wants to look around to see if he get a lot more from someone else, or perhaps a bit more from the pats. This all seems reasonable to me.

    And, yes, of course, the patriots should be considering other options. I do strongly believe that they will not sign someone else before giving Stallworth another chance to sign.

  5. MrTibbs

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    Screw him obviously he's looking for money and which team is going to shell out the's time to "move along" there is nothing to see here.
  6. Sean Pa Patriot

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    Like I said, I want him on the team ,because his talent makes our team better..But if were not good enough for him .. Then see ya around...
  7. hwc

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    Consider the source for all of these reports.

    Obviously, if Stallworth has all these good offers on the table, he'd take one. Looks like to me that there isn't much demand for his services, despite his agent's transparent attempt to create the illusion of a bidding war.

    Next question!
  8. mcsully

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    How can you guys get on Stallworths case about looking to maximize his overall contract?? Some people look at the dollar amt and thats all they see.. AND THAT IS OKAY.. SOme people look at multiple things, money, environment.. ect.. AND THAT IS OKAY TO..

    I personally wouldn't go to another company doing the same job unless I maximized my dollar amt..
  9. AndyJohnson

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    Same thing with criticizing the agent. The agents job is to get him the most money. People are suggesting the agent is sonehow wrong for 'making a show out of it' by visiting different teams. Last I checked the value of an agent is to negotiate the best deal he can, and part of that includes creating a higher level of interest for his guy.
    I know most people hate Rosenhaus, but he is exactly doing his job here.
  10. hwc

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    How can you get on our case for not giving a damn about Stallworth's world tour?

    Nobody begrudges Stallworth and his agent for their transparent attempts to manufacture interest. But, there's no reason we should care. I think most Pats fans have simply moved on.
  11. AndyJohnson

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    I think you have it exactly right.
    Thats how it is supposed to work, isnt it?
    Player and team talk. Offer made, not accepted, not rejected.
    Player goes to explore the market.
    Team goes to explore the market.
    Player finds another buyer, tells team, and they up the ante or don't.
    Team finds another player, tell player, and he takes deal or leaves it.

    I must be missing something, but the Stallworth situation seems completely normal to me.
  12. ArmyPatsFan

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    Stallworth would be a great pick-up imo.......exploring the other offers is not a bad thing and reasonable given the siutation Stallworth is in....although I hope Rosenhaus chokes on his shoe sometime soon. We are spoiled by the likes of AD.
  13. AndyJohnson

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    I don't think us (Pats fans) are part of the equation. I don't think BB, stallworth or the agent are waiting around to find out if we have moved on.

    If you don't care whether the Pats sign Stallworth, thats fine, but why are you then criticizing his approach to finding work?
  14. Lamanai

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    Didn't one of the recent books about the Pats (Patriot Reign?) discuss the Belichick/Parcells negotiation style? I thought they issued a one-time, take it or leave it ultimatum to free agents. If that is the case, Stallworth is out of the mix. That may be why K. Washington was in town yesterday.
  15. hwc

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    It is what it is. Everyone knows how Drew Rosenhaus works. Because of his track record, I've simply decided not to believe a word that he leaks. My working assumption is that the reports of "contracts on the table" from the Pats, and every other team Stallworth has visited, are probably bold-faced lies.

    Here's another assumption. Since Rosenhaus hasn't leaked a self-serving rationalization of his client's drug violation(s), I'm assuming that it's probably a very serious issue for the teams he's visiting.
  16. AndyJohnson

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    I never said believe a word Rosenhaus said, but you have to admit, he is doing his job.
    His job doesnt involve us liking him. Doesnt involve being accurate in what he tells the media.
    It involves one thing, getting the best deal for his player.

    If what you are saying, is you aren't believing that we are 'in the running' because you think its just a tool Rosenhaus is using to increase interest, you may well be correct.
  17. Patsfanin Philly

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    Absolutely true. That explains why all previous free agents (Thomas, Welker, Morris.Brady) signed their contracts on their visit to Foxboro. Here's the best you'll get from us. If you hesitate, it's off the table, end of story......
    Rosenhaus wants to play his games, good for him. BB/Pioli don't play along so they don't get strung along or become part of a bidding war.
  18. hwc

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    I don't know if I would admit that. Rosenhaus has had his client visit and talk contract parameters with five of the thirty-two NFL teams. His client is still unemployed. So, I think the jury is still out on how well Rosenhaus is doing his job. But, we don't know how serious the rumored drug violations may be. It is possible that Stallworth owes the NFL a four game suspension to start the 2007 season. If that's the case, he would be one strike from a one-year suspension. So, his client may be fairly unemployable.
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  19. sebman2112

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    I have no problem with stallworth shopping around. Who I do have a problem with is Drew the D-Bag. Wht I don't like about him is th fabrications, and his tactics, which are worst than most Agents. The guy has no ethics.
  20. Brady to Brown

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    Stallworth should take a home team discount and play for the Patriots ;)

    He is doing what I would do. Get fair market value for his services.

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