Pats sign RB George Winn, an UDFA from Cincinnati

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    Obviously he will be an extreme longshot to make the club. The Patriots still have two available roster spots.

    2013 NFL Draft Analysis: George Winn
    After waiting the wings backing up Isaiah Pead for his sophomore and junior seasons, George Winn exploded onto the scene as a senior. And I mean that literally. On his first snap from scrimmage to begin the 2012 season, Winn burst up the middle of the Pitt Panthers’ defense and raced down the field for a touchdown. It gave UC a lead in the game they would never relinquish and the assurance that the Bearcats’ running game would be just fine post-Pead.

    On the season Winn paced the Big East with 1,334 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns. He was a leader in the backfield that Cincinnati could lean upon when they got shaky quarterback play from Munchie Legaux and began transitioning to Brendon Kay. With the two-deep in flux, Winn stayed consistent doing everything that was asked of him. This year he ran the ball, he caught the ball, and even threw a pass for a touchdown. Hell let’s just call him Boobie Miles already. With such an impressive senior campaign under his belt Winn could get himself drafted on Sunday despite not garnering the attention of many other backs in this class.


    • Size
    • Speed Between The Hashes
    • Blocking Abilities
    Weighing in at close to 220 lbs, George Winn is a load to bring down. His sheer size makes it difficult for defenders to bring him down with just arm tackles. Many times during his senior campaign did we witness Winn shed these with ease and while the players are larger and display better technique at the next level, this ability can’t be ignored. In addition the UC runningback surprised everyone this past season with his breakaway speed between the hashmarks. He was more than just a short-yardage back. Despite being one of the larger RBs in this class, Winn posted a very respectable 4.65 Forty at the NFL Combine. That will only add to his draft value. But if pro teams don’t see him as a halfback at the next level they might elect to try him out at fullback. This was one of Winn’s main roles during Isaiah Pead’s time at Cincinnati. Instead of the traditional I-formation, the Bearcats operated out of the split back formation and Winn acted as a lead blocker for Pead on running plays. It worked well and illustrated his ability create lanes for ball carriers if he wasn’t one.

    • Horizontal Speed
    What George Winn has in front line, top-end speed, he lacks in his ability to turn the corner quickly. When he got solid blocking from his offensive line, he could pick up 5-6 yards easily. However when teams were able to out-physical Cincinnati at the line of scrimmage, Winn found it more difficult to get his numbers. During those times teams would crowd the 5-7 yard zone between the hashmarks forcing him to pop outside. It took him some time to turn the corner allowing defenders the necessary seconds to get to him and bring him down before he leveled out to race upfield.

    George Winn | Cincinnati, RB: 2013 NFL Draft Scout Player Profile

    George Winn | National Football Post

    STRENGTHS - Winn's initial quickness enables him to find the hole quickly and has the speed to make the big play when given a big hole. He shows quick feet enabling him to cut quickly and make defenders miss behind the LOS. His small frame allows him to run low allowing him to get low on the tackler and fight for extra yardage and is a guy that will keep his legs moving to pick up the extra yards. His strength and physicality also show in his ability and 'want to' attitude when it comes to blocking. He will throw his body at the defender and showed he can pick up key blocks to give the QB a little more time.

    WEAKNESSES - Does not have great field vision and if there is not a large hole from when he is handed the ball, he is not consistent in finding the small holes. While he has the ability to break tackles, he is more consistent in going down on first contact, which may be due to his size. While he has quick feet and can cut quickly, he needs to develop more head fakes and still arm more often. He will need to become better at getting in position for blocks as he has a tendency to be out of position and is unable to recover well.

    SUMMARY - Winn is a player that will give it everything he has each and every down. He will take on the task of blocking and will throw his body out at a defender in order to give his QB more time. He shows the quickness and speed that gives him the opportunity to make a big play; however, if there is not a big hole once he gets the ball, he does not tend to have the vision to create and will have to fight for the yards he gains. He runs low due to his size which enables him to be able to come up on the defender and gain a few extra yards. He will need to become better at using stiff arms and head fakes to break tackles and create space from the defender as he has the tendency to go down on first contact quite often. Overall, I do not project Winn to be drafted, but will get an opportunity as a free agent. His initial quickness and speed that will enable him to make the big play will give him an opportunity.
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    I really don't understand this move. I mean, was there not a single RB out of Rutgers that was available?
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  4. Palm Beach Pats Fan

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    Prepare for the onslaught of George Winn-only fans!

    Then brace for the counterargument that he's taking a spot that someone else could take, someone who could actually help us!

    Nevermind that there still two open spots on the 90-man roster....

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    This is a great sign for things to come this season. Its June and we already have a Winn under our belts. :drum:
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    or the " no way Boldin makes the 53 now" brigade.
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    no Kontra...there wasn't but...I hear BB has struck a deal with Rutgers to draft or sign as FA's no less than five Scarlet Knights a season for the next ten we got THAT to look forward to...[​IMG]
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    Winn is a player that will give it everything he has each and every down.
    Filling the back end of the roster with guys that will help create the high level of competitive energy that he wants in camp. He wants every player to worry about at least equaling the energy level of the guys behind him.
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    Touche! Touche! :D
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    Sounds like a Winn-Win situation if you ask me...:drum:
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    Re: Re: Pats sign RB George Winn, an UDFA from Cincinnati

    From the above report, apparently the kid is a willing blocker. Something our more talented (ridley, vereen, blount? Or whoever the tb headcase is) backs struggle with. I see this as a camp fodder signing, meant to show more talented players what their coach deems a glaring weakness.

    Hell, given the prior experience acting mainly as a fb, maybe he is a last hb, st's, fb Swiss army knife type. If he catch the rock all the better.
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    Of course! He's a real Winn-er. And his size/power should help this coming Winn-ter.
  13. Joker

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    just hope he doesn't turn into a Went-ter....
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    "He was a leader in the backfield that Cincinnati could lean upon when they got shaky quarterback play from Munchie Legaux and began transitioning to Brendon Kay."

    Munchie Legaux :lol: That name rules!
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    It will be difficult to make this team but from his highlights (everyone looks good on highlights), I like the way he cuts. He's cuts while moving forward and not side to side. That bodes well for him. He doesn't look like he's got a lot of lateral explosion though even in his highlight. That might just be a product of being efficient enough to only move as much as he needed to move but I'd like to see at least one or two runs where he really made a huge lateral change while maintaining his forward progress.
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    The Patriots don't do much "Tebowing", but they sure know how to "Winn"!!! :D
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    Best Name Ever ! Sounds like The Water Boy, Bobby Boucher.

    On a side note, I really like how hard George Winn runs in that video, he's like the anti-Maroney.
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    Not sure you can beat Mister Cobble as a name.

    Mister Cobble Profile - Kentucky Wildcats Official Athletic Site

    Edit: Although Munchie's is a good one.
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