pats only undefeated team on road.

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    The patriots being the only undefeated team on the road in the league right now, is what gives me hope for this up coming playoffs. Since we will probably not clinch home field advantage it is good to know how good we been on the road. If we can keep up the way we been playing on the road, and continue to get better like we have at home, im having more hope that we can do this, that we can possibly go back to the super bowl. The reason for my doubts is because of how weak the afc is. Yes the jets and miami have improved since the beginning of the season, but we all knew the pats were going to have no problem winning there division. Since the beginning of the season it was how the pats matched up against everyone else in the afc. I think we are better than everyone except for sandiego and indy might be slightly better, so my worry is getting out of the afc and into the superbowl. The way sandiego has been playing lately it is more them than indy im worried about. Indy really hasnt been looking sharp to me at all, and until someone slows down LT it is sandiego who is the team to beat. We get out of the afc, it is another won superbowl because noone in the nfc is better than us.
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    So chances are in round one they will get a home game and then have to go on the road. The bottom line is they are a very good team if they cut the turnovers. They've left alot of points in the red zone on the field.
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    ??? I thought they were in the top 5 in the league in offensive red zone efficiency.
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    Please, your bothersome facts ruin the good opinion posts here.

    Given our unblemished away record, when the Pats have their playoff game at home I urge all the fans to make noise and yell at Brady when the O has the ball to make him more comfortable as if he's at an away venue. It's our duty as fans to help the club win.
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    not only undefeated , but they are killing teams on the road as well
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    They are 3-0 on FieldTurf, though (Gillettte last two games, plus Jets @ Meadowlands).
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    Both of these statements are true, I think--the Pats have done about as well as anyone when they get into the red zone, but they could be doing significantly better still (e.g., the three turnovers they had in the red zone versus Chicago(at), and the blocks of Gostkowski's FGs).

    Heh. :)
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