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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by PonyExpress, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. PonyExpress

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    Feb 12, 2006
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    I'm listing where the player is currently rated in the NFLdraftscout overall player rankings...

    Plan A

    If C. Long/Gholston/J.Long are gone and no trade down for M.Ryan or McFadden is possible

    #7. Clady (#8): moves Light to Rt, improves athleticism of whole line.
    #69+#63 for #35: Cliff Avril (#62 and rising)*: almost as athletic as DWare, but Pats must jump the Jets to have a shot at him.
    #94: Ch. Jackson (#102): zone cover-2 gamer who makes INTs.
    #125+#188+#220 for #112: Frank Okam (#125) It only takes one team to fall in love with a big fat guy, so you have snatch him early. If he performs, a stroke of genius. If he doesn't, just another Kareem Brown you can flush.
    #156: Terrence Wheatley (#187): underrated cb.

    *If Cliff Avril's gone, then
    #63: Ch. Jackson (#102) better too early than too late
    #69: J. Goff (#117) but he will rise based on postseason. Better too early than too late. Ideal 3-4 ILB.
    #94: J. Carlson (#105 and sinking). He'll probably run well at his pro day and stabilize his stock. Watson's eventual replacement.

    Plan B

    If Clady is also gone.

    #7: D. Harvey (#11): Bulked up to 271 for the combine to appeal to 4-3 teams. Have him drop back to 258 and play OLB. Use him as a situational pass rusher early, moving AD inside on passing downs. Late in the season, move AD inside permanently, where he is an elite blitzer.
    #69+#63 for #35: Cason (#27) or Talib (#30).* Fast risers are displacing Cason and Talib down the board. Cason is a better version of Ch. Jackson, and Talib is a safe pick because if he struggles at cb he would be a great ballhawk at FS.
    #95: J. Carlson (#105)
    #112: Frank Okam (#125)
    #156: Terrence Wheatley (#187)

    * If Talib/Cason are gone before #35, then
    #63: Oneil Cousins (#72): There are probably only 3 legit LT prospects in the draft, and Cousins is one of them.
    #69: Chevis Jackson (#102)
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  2. cstjohn17

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    Jun 12, 2006
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    #54 Jersey

    I am not sure about all the trade ups, Avril is a nice player but he is really being hyped because of his workout numbers. Comparing him with Ware is not really fair, Ware was much more productive than Avril. Production is more important than measureables.

    2:1 trades are risky (see Chad Jackson, we could have had Jones-Drew or Jennings and another good player instead of Mr. Workout wonder)
    Avril - 13 career sacks, 35.5 stops behind the line of scrimmage
    Ware- 27.5 career sacks, 57 stops behind the line of scrimmage

    The Pats should come out of the draft with 1 very good player, 1 solid starter, 2 good backups and maybe 1-2 special teams \ fringe players.

    I will list my picks in order of preference (assumes Gholston, Long & Long are gone and no trade backs are available)
    #7 - Harvey, Jenkins, Clady
    #63 - Carl Nicks, Avril
    #69 - Eddie Royal, Red Bryant
    #95 - Jackson - LSU, King - Penn State
    #112 - Bell - UNLV, Douglas - Louisville, Barton - Ohio State
    #156 - Roach - TSU, Seltz - LSU, Best Punter, Scandrick- Boise State
    #188 (or whatever) - Forsett - UCLA, Wheatley - Colorado
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