Pats-Jags Wildcard Playoff

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    Hey everyone, Jaguar fan here. First off, congrats on winning the AFC east for the billionth time in a row. With a possible Jags-Pats game looming in the wildcard playoff round, 3 buddies and I are going to make the 16 hour drive from Jacksonville to Boston.With yall being so used to home playoff games I had a few questions for yall...

    Four tickets together, how much should we expect to spend on the street?

    Should we stay in Boston or Foxborough?

    What are some good bars in both the Boston and Foxborough areas with a football knowledgable crowd where we could expect to get loads of crap for being Jaguar fans?

    Thanks and good luck the rest of the way!!!!
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    Whose this yall person and why are you trying to talk to him?
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    This will likely be our only home playoff game this year, so I'd say you should expect to pay at least $300 per ticket...probably more.

    If money isn't an issue, I'd stay in Boston. More to do there...but obviously pricier. There's a few hotels near the stadium.

    Plenty of good bars in Boston and plenty of people to give you crap.
  4. Armen Da Pats Fan

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    There are many options...

    You can stay in Boston, which will give you a lot to do, or you can stay in Providence, or you can stay in one of the rinky dink motels along route 1 near the Blade...

    If it were me, I would fly Southwest right into Providence and you're 30 minutes south of the stadium.

    Come in a few days early and have dinner on Federal Hill! (Great Italian neighborhood in Providence...)

    By the way, my wife and I went to Jax for the 1997 "Zolak" playoff game vs. the Jags (Bledsoe was injured - we lost)...

    The Jax fans were so cool to us, inviting us to thier breakfast tailgate (awesome eggs, bacon and grits) and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves...

    Took a water taxi from our hotel (the Radisson) to Altel on the St. John's for $5!

    Met Lawyer Milloy at the Radisson (he was haning out with some Georgia Tech players who syaed over after the Gator Bowl there...)

    They had Huey Lewis and the News playing at a Jags Pep Rally the night before the game...

    Great time (except for Zolak and the loss!)

    Tickets won't be easy to come by...the Pats have been sold out EVERY game, including pre-season and post-season, since 1994...

    You're gonna pay...I'd say at least $200 a peice, maybe more...

    You might wanna try eBay...

    Whatever you decide, have a good time...

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  5. pats1

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    If you can somehow, someway, snatch 4 seats on the Patriots TicketXChange (or whatever it's called on the day of or before the game, they're face value.

    If not, you can try snatching them when they go on sale (don't know when) at 10:00 AM some morning. If you don't get tickets by 10:00:10, you can kiss that option goodbye.

    If you go Ebay, a 4-ticket bundle is going to be upwards of $1,200.

    Remember, the Razor/Foxboro Stadium has been sold out every game of the Kraft Era (1994- )
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    I doubt he's a Pats season ticket holder or on the waiting list. So this isn't an option.
  7. pats1

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    Good point. Forgot about that requirement.
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    easy, now

    y'all is one of the most well known people around, south of the mason-dixon and east of th mississippi. tawkin' to yall is never hard, even one-to-one.
    ahm a texan, living as a refugee here in new (2 syllables) anglun. ah lived in fall river for 6 years and they actually say "youse" as a synonym for y'all.

    one quirk about new england is the distances between what they call cities up here is very short. foxboro mass is about 35 miles southwest of boston, and about 30 miles northeast of providence. like boston providence is a state capitol, a port city, has good restaurants. if you also want tourist stuff, boston is hands down better. and more expensive.
    last year, the visiting playoff teams actually flew into providence, the "official nfl city", and the teams' stayed in the providence biltmore. that really teed of the mayor of boston. i'm sure the nfl offices will tell you what the officially designated host city is.
    for price and convenience, there are hotels in between the two: there's a super-8 and a days inn in attleboro, mass, which is on the way from providence-foxboro. there's a comfort inn in foxboro thta supposedly still has rooms below $100.
    route 1, the only road with stadium access, is jammed with cars starting 90 minutes before gametime. most people park about a mile awaw (for $20) and walk the rest.

    again, great fun, procey: boston
    good fun, not so bad: providence
    place to sleep, shorter drive: attleboro, taunton, pawtucket ri.

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