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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by RPMCanes, May 23, 2008.

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    I'm going to get a gray Belichick sweatshirt, and I was wondering if anyone out there knew where I could get the letters BB that he has monogrammed onto it. Also, anyone know where some anti-Jets or anti-rest of the league gear could be found? Thanks.


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    I have the gray sweatshirt and its a wonderful hooded sweatshirt and well worth the $75 I paid for it.

    As far as the monogram its very simple - Take a photo/pic of BB wearing the sweatshirt with the letters and take it to your local tailor or better yet a place that does shirts and hat lettering like for softball teams or high school events,There are at least 7 of that type of business in my area and there should be some in yours - Tell them you want the 'BB' letters digitized which is what I think Bill has his.

    For anti-Jets stuff just go to eBay and type in 'Jets suck' or something like that in the search box,You will get matches I am sure
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