Pats/Fins game streamed for Servicemen/women

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    This is real nice.:)

    WBCN to stream Pats-Fins as tribute to servicemen/women

    Hey all --
    WBCN, the radio home of the Patriots, announced today that it will stream Sunday's game between New England and Miami online, live and commerical-free. Registering at is all that will be necessary to access the stream.
    As a tribute to the U.S. troops overseas, WBCN is inviting area families that have loved ones in the military the chance to call into a special phone service to record their personal messages which will be played throughout the online broadcast. The number to call is 617-746-1437, anytime this week.

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    That's awesome, I'll be tuning in from over here. :)
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    Gino and Gil, are imo, the best at this, great homers who know the game well along with the subtleties of the Patriots.

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