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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Triumph, Jan 13, 2006.

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    #75 Jersey

    I thought alot of us could get together tonight and generate some Pats karma?

    Option #1 The ESPN Zone
    1187 16th St. Denver
    PH - 303 595 ESPN for info.

    Its on the NE corner of Lawrence St and 16th St. Lawrence is off Speer BLVD and Speer is off I 25 south. ESPNZ is dowtown close to the stadium. Opens at 11:00 and closes at midnight on Fri - Sat. Sounds a bit commercialized.

    Option# 2 BOOMERS
    460 S Murray, Colorado Springs
    PH - 719 574 8282

    Boomers owned by a chap from NE. Its in Colorado Springs approximately 45 minutes south of Denver. I 25 south will bring you there. Its proabably more down home, but not as centrally located as ESPN.

    Feedback please or if anyone knows of a better location??
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    If you want to do a bar crawl, Blake Street is a great place to start.

    Blake Street Tavern
    Breckinridge Brewing Company
    Sports Column

    to name a few

    The Springs is way too far to go for a pop on a Friday night.

    ESPN Zone is on the 16th Street Mall area which is full of shops and restaurants, movie theaters etc. Lots to do there.

    Going to the D.U. hockey game tonite, so I won't be able to make it. Hopefully see everyone tomorrow at the game.

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