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    Hello, I'm a new member from Montreal. I'm a huge Pats fan. It started in 1994. The reason that I became a fan was that I worked in Massachusetts from 1994 to 1997 and discovered the Patriots during that time period (liked the Cowboys before - what a fool I was). I since moved backed to Montreal but remained a fan. Geographically we are just north of New England's own Vermont - well actually it's more New York state technically speaking which I know is not part of New England...). I feel that 1994 was a key year in the history of the Patriots with coach Parcells running the team and Robert Kraft becoming the owner that year, if my memory serves me right they went 10-6 that exciting year. I've only been to 2 Pats game so far one in 1995 against the Jets (a loss in a bitter cold December game on these alunimum benches, horrible season too), the other one was this year against Pittsburgh - oh boy what arrogance the Pats showed with that reverse/gadget play like the Steelers had done against the Seahawks in SB40.

    I believe my favorite player would be Rodney Harrison.

    Glad I joined this forum, lost of good point of view and opinions.
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    Welcome TeeLoo, it's good to have you, and don't be afraid to post your own views and opinions as we have a good mix of people here who I'm sure will enjoy hearing from you. - Ian

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