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Pats Draft + Full 2 Round Mock

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by Wilfork#75, Mar 17, 2011.

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    The next major date to look at for the draft is April 6 when Judge Susan Nelson hears the injunction against the validity of the NFL Lockout. My guess is that she will rule the lockout invalid, meaning that Free Agency and Trades will be allowed sometime in mid-April (the injunction is expected to be ruled on within a week). This would give teams a small window of free agency before the draft, as well as allowing teams to trade players before and during the draft. Obviously anything can happen between now and the draft, and this may not occur, however, this is the scenario that I am basing this mock draft off.


    - NE trades OG Logan Mankins + FS Brandon Meriweather + OT Nick Kazcur to Dal for 1 (9)
    This is a trade that I believe would benefit both teams because Dallas and the Pats seem to match up very in terms of trades. The Cowboys biggest needs are OL and the secondary, while the #9 will only really have 1 player available to fill one of those needs (Amukamara). The Pats won’t sign Mankins long term, so I believe the best option would be to trade him and get value for him now. I also think it’s time to move on from Meriweather because he is coming into the last year of his contract, and I don’t see him being re-signed. I also don’t see him as a great fit for the system and the ‘bend don’t break’ philosophy. This trade gives the Cowboys an All-Pro OG, a two-time Pro Bowl FS and a veteran RT, while giving the Pats another pick to add a blue chip player. Jerry Jones needs to sell ticket for his big stadium and a blockbuster like this will certainly raise attention. Jerry also won’t be afraid to shell out the money needed to retain these players long term.

    - NE trades OLB Tully Banta-Cain to Arizona for 6 (6)
    I think TBC’s time in NE is just about over. He can be a solid option for a team that desperately needs help at OLB like Arizona. He’s still a semi-decent situational pass rusher so a 6th is fair value.

    - NE trades 1 (17) from Oak + 2012 3rd + 2012 5th to Det for 1 (13)
    The guy I’m targeting fell to a reasonable spot to trade up to, so I make a move to grab him before the Rams at 14. I’m concerned about the depth of next year’s draft with all of the underclassmen declaring this year, so I’d rather trade future picks to move up rather than current picks. Detroit seems like a good trading partner who doesn’t really have a reason not to move down. They still get ‘their guy’ and pick up 2 future picks in the process.

    - NE trades 1 (28) to Buf for 2 (2) + 4 (3)
    If Pouncey were available here I would take him but he’s not, so I look to move down because I don’t see great value on the board. Buffalo needs an OT to protect their new QB, so they move back into the first to get one.

    - NE trades 2 (1) to Oak for 2 (16) + 3 (17)
    I can see Al Davis falling in love with Wisniewski because of his family links to the Raiders, as well as filling a huge position of need. When Al loves a player he will go and get them, so I can definitely see him overpaying to move up to 33.

    - NE trades 2 (2) from Buf to SF for 2 (13) + 4 (11) + 5 (10)
    Once again the value of trading down from the top of the second round is too much to pass up, so we move down to allow the 9ers to grab Jake Locker.

    - NE trades 2 (16) to Wash for 2012 1st
    Washington seems like a logical partner to trade for a future 1st with. They don’t have a 3rd or 4th round pick in this draft and they need playmakers. They added a DL in round 1 and a QB in round 2, now they need a weapon for that QB. Dan Snyder will be looking for a quick fix for this team so he makes a bold move and moves back into the 2nd using a future 1st to grab a WR.

    - NE trades 4 (3) + 6 (28) to Jax for 4 (17) + 4 (24)
    This is just a value trade. Most of the guys I like in the 4th round will be available in the middle of the round so this trade makes sense.

    - Tennessee trades 2 (7) + conditional 2012 2nd to Phi for QB Kevin Kolb
    Tennessee really needs a QB and they won’t get one in the first. They think they can compete now so they go with the Vet and make a move for Kolb. Philly won’t get a 1st for him, so they settle for similar value as they got for McNabb, A current 2nd and a future 2nd depending on performance.

    Free Agents/Re-signings
    Re-sign OT Matt Light- 2 years
    Re-sign S Jarrad Page
    Re-sign DL Gerrard Warren

    1st Round Mock

    1. Carolina- QB- Cam Newton- Auburn
    I think this pick will be a QB, and right now it’s a toss-up between Newton and Gabbert for #1. I currently have Newton ahead because of his upside but a good pro day from Gabbert could change that.

    2. Denver- DL- Marcel Dareus- Alabama
    Moving back to the 4-3 Denver is in real need of DL. Dareus is the top rated DL in the draft so I think Denver takes him above Fairley, Quinn and Bowers

    3. Buffalo- QB- Blaine Gabbert- Missouri
    Like Carolina I think Buffalo is set on taking a QB, and I think they will take whichever one Carolina doesn’t take. Newton and Gabbert are pretty much interchangeable at these picks.

    4. Cincinnati- WR- AJ Green- Georgia
    WR is a huge need for Cinci, and with no QB worth taking on the board they go with one of, if not the best player in this draft in AJ Green

    5. Arizona- OLB- Von Miller- Texas A&M
    This just seems like a logical fit. The Cards need help at OLB and Von Miller is a beast. He is well rounded and will excel in Arizona

    6. CLE- DE- Robert Quinn- UNC
    Like Denver, Cleveland is moving back to the 4-3 defence and is in desperate need of DL. At this point there are 3 options left, Quinn, Bowers and Fairley. I think DE offers more value for them, and Bowers injury concerns push Quinn ahead of him.

    7. SF- CB- Patrick Peterson- LSU
    SF would probably be looking for a QB, but instead they will settle for the best player in this draft in Peterson. Just like Michael Crabtree fell to them a few years ago, Peterson does the same and SF gets one of the best CB prospects in a very long time.

    8. Tenn- DT- Nick Fairley- Auburn
    No QB on the board means the Titans will probably be looking DL, so this pick will be between Bowers and Fairley, two guys who were that favourites to go #1 a few weeks ago. I think they go the bigger need at DT and take Fairley.

    9. NE (Dal)- DE/OLB- Da’Quan Bowers- Clemson
    This draft falls perfectly for the Pats who get an absolute BEAST in Bowers. He is the perfect fit for the Willie McGinest Elephant role, and offers a ton of versatility to the front 7. He falls due to his knee injury, but the Pats are one of few teams that have the ability to be patient with Bowers because of the lack of holes and number of draft picks.

    10. Wash- DE- JJ Watt- Wisconsin
    Most people will be mocking Julio Jones here, and that is very possible. I just have a gut feel that Washington will surprise us. Their three big needs are QB, WR, DL and OLB. They could reach for Jake Locker, and that wouldn’t really surprise me. However, I think they go a surprise pick and go JJ Watt over Julio Jones and Aldon Smith.

    11. Hou- CB- Prince Amukamara- Nebraska
    Houston are moving to a 3-4, so front 7 is a huge need. However, Prince is far too good to pass up here. CB is a huge need and Prince is a steal.

    12. Min- DE- Cam Jordan- Cal
    With no QB available, Minny goes to another need at DE. Cam Jordan is a great fit to play opposite Jared Allen at DE.

    13. NE (Det)- WR- Julio Jones- Alabama
    Despite his amazing combine, Julio falls a little because of the needs of teams picking ahead. If he gets past Washington at 10, he would be a lock to Stl at 14, so the Pats move ahead and get a blue chip WR.

    14. Stl- DE- Aldon Smith- Missouri
    They would love to get Julio Jones, but with him off the board they go DL. They could go DT with someone like Corey Liuget, but instead go with the athletic freak Aldon Smith.

    15. Mia- RB- Mark Ingram – Alabama
    They would love to move down and pick up a 2nd round pick, but most of the top talent is off the board so it would be difficult to do so. So they grab Mark Ingram who is the B.P.A. and also fills a huge need at RB.

    16. Jax- DE- Ryan Kerrigan- Purdue
    This just seems like a good fit. Jacksonville needs help at DE, and Kerrigan is a blue collar, high motor pass rusher. Adrian Clayborn is another option, but Kerrigan’s surprising workout at the combine has solidified this spot.

    17. Det (NE)- OT- Nate Solder- Colorado
    Their biggest needs are LT and CB, and with none worth taking at 13, they move back and pick up some future picks. Solder seems to be the top rated tackle so they take him at 17.

    18. SD- DL-Muhammad Wilkerson- Temple
    SD has a need at DE for their 3-4, and Wilkerson seems to be a great fit at DE. Some may be surprised that he goes this high, but this is just a good match.

    19. NYG- OT- Tyron Smith- USC
    They could go a few directions with this pick, but I believe their best option is OT. Tyron Smith could easily be the #1 OT taken because of his elite athleticism and upside.

    20. TB- DE- Adrian Clayborn- Iowa
    I don’t think I’ve seen a more consensus pick in this draft. Just about everyone has Clayborn to TB, and it’s a great fit. No use trying to fix a good thing.

    21. KC- NT- Phil Taylor- Baylor
    NT is a huge need for KC, and Taylor is the best one in this draft. He is rising up boards and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go as high as 11 to Houston. KC is a good fit, IF his off the field stuff checks out.

    22. Ind- OT- Anthony Costanzo –BC
    OL has been a need for Indy for a while, so they address it with the best OT available. Costanzo is the one here, but the top 3 OT’s are interchangeable because it really comes down to which one the teams prefer.
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    23. Phi- OG- Mike Pouncey- Florida
    Andy Reid always prefers to go for lineman early in the draft. This year I think they go OL because they need to protect Michael Vick. While an OT is possible, I don’t know if they will rely on a rookie protecting Vick’s blindside, so I think they go RT in FA. This leaves interior OL, with Mike Pouncey by far the best available.

    24. NO- DT- Corey Liuget- Illinios
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see NO trade down here because there doesn’t seem to be great value. If they do stick I think they go DL, with them taking Liuget over DE- Justin Houston.

    25. Sea- CB- Jimmy Smith- Colorado
    Jake Locker could easily be the pick here, but instead they go for another huge need at CB. Jimmy Smith has top 15 talent, along with character concerns. Pete Carroll doesn’t seem too worried about character so I think they take a chance on Smith’s talent.

    26. Bal- WR- Torrey Smith- Maryland
    The futures of Derrick Mason and TJ are up in the air, so WR is a huge need. They need someone to stretch the field opposite Anquan Boldin, and Torrey Smith fits the bill. They probably would have taken Jimmy Smith, but he is gone. OT is another option.

    27. Atl- DE- Justin Houston- Georgia
    DE is a big need and Houston is the best guy available. Abraham is aging and they really need someone else that can get after the QB.

    28. Buf (NE)- OT- Gabe Carimi- Wisconsin
    Buffalo got their QB earlier, now they need to protect him. They can’t keep neglecting the OL, so they move up here to grab Carimi.

    29. Chi- OT- Derek Sherrod- Miss State
    OT is a huge need for the Bears, and they really need someone that can protect Jay Cutlers blindside. Sherrod is the last of the top tackles, so the timing is perfect for Chicago.

    30. NYJ- OLB- Akeem Ayers- UCLA
    They are likely to go front 7, and Ayers is the best fit available. I really like this pick because I don’t like Ayers or the Jets.

    31. Pitt- OG- Danny Watkins- Baylor
    Due to age and injuries, the interior OL for the Steelers needs to get younger and deeper. Danny Watkins seems like a good fit here (even though he will be a 27 year old rookie).

    32. GB- OLB- Brooks Reid- Arizona
    The Superbowl Champs could go in a number of directions here. I think they go the fast rising Brooks Reid, who has been compared to Clay Matthews, to play opposite Matthews.

    2nd Round

    33. Oak (NE)- C/OG- Stefen Wisniewski- Penn State
    Wisniewski is a guy I can see Al Davis falling in love with, so they move up here to get him. It’s a steep price but Al gets what he wants.

    34. SF (NE via Buf)- QB- Jake Locker- Washington
    While Locker isn’t a perfect fit in SF, I think his upside is too high to pass up for SF. Andy Dalton may be the better fit, but Locker has much more talent.

    35. Cin- QB- Ryan Mallet- Arkansas
    Character concerns drop him out of the 1st round, but Cinci aren’t concerned with character. Mallet seems to be a great fit here, and he already has AJ Green as a weapon.

    36. Den- FS- Rahim Moore- UCLA
    They addressed DL in round 1, so they go secondary here. Although they just re-signed Champ, CB is still an option here, but I think they go with the top FS in this draft.

    37. Cle- WR- Jonathon Baldwin- Pitt
    A playmaking WR is desperately needed in Cleveland, and with them not taking either AJ Green or Julio Jones in round 1, they go the top guy available here in Baldwin.

    38. Ari- OT/OG- Benjamin Ijalana- Villanova
    The two biggest needs remaining for the Cards are QB and OL. With Max Hall and John Skelton on the roster, I don’t think they go with another rookie, and trade for a veteran like Donavan McNabb. So they go the top OL available in Ben Ijalana.

    39. Phi (Tenn)- CB- Aaron Williams- Texas
    Philly needs help in their secondary with an aging Asante Samuel. This pick is between Aaron Williams and Brandon Harris, and I give the edge to Williams because of his size and physicality.

    40. Dal- CB- Ras-I Dowling- Virginia
    Dallas’ biggest needs are OL and the secondary. I think they go CB over OT, and surprise some people taking Ras-I Dowling over Brandon Harris. I can see Jerry Jones falling in love with Dowling’s size and athleticism.

    41. Wash- QB- Andy Dalton- TCU
    Washington needs a QB because Rex Grossman isn’t the answer. Dalton seems like the best fit available for Mike Shanahan’s offence.

    42. Hou- DT- Stephen Paea- Oregon State
    Moving to the 3-4 Houston needs DL. With Wade Phillips running the defence in Houston, they don’t require the monster NT that most 3-4 teams do, so Stephen Paea seems like a great fit at NT.

    43. Min- QB-Colin Kaepernick- Nevada
    Favre is finally gone and Minny doesn’t think Joe Webb is the answer at QB. They seem to like athletic QB’s with Webb and Tavaris Jackson, so I think they take a chance on Kaepernick’s immense upside.

    44. Det- CB- Brandon Harris- Miami
    This falls perfectly for Detriot who get the top OT in round 1, and have arguably the 3rd best CB in the class fall to them in the 2nd. Harris would be a no brainer here for the Lions.

    45. NE (SF)- DE- Cameron Hayward- Ohio State
    Hayward drops this far because of injury, inconsistency and just not being a great fit for the teams above, but he offers great value here for the Pats, and finally pleases the fans that have been yelling at the TV calling for a DE for the last round and a half.

    46. Den- RB- Mikel Leshoure- Illinios
    After adding two pieces to their defence, Denver goes offence and takes a big RB to complement Knowshon Moreno. Leshoure is very good value in the middle of round 2.

    47. Stl- WR- Tandon Doss-Indiana
    Stl missed out on Julio Jones in round 1, now they take their play making WR. Tandon Doss is the most underrated and overlooked WR in this draft, but he will make an impact in the NFL.

    48. Wash (NE via Oak)- WR- Leonard Hankerson- Miami
    With no 3rd or 4th round picks in this draft, Washington makes a bold move by moving back into the 2nd round with next year’s first in order to grab a WR. They desperately need play makers, so they make a desperation move here and grab Hankerson.

    49. Jax- QB- Christian Ponder- Florida State
    David Garrard is aging and they need a successor, so they grab the Florida kid in Christian Ponder. His stock is on the rise after the Senior Bowl and he has solidified himself as a 2nd rounder.

    50. SD- ILB/OLB- Martez Wilson- Illinios
    After going DL in round 1, SD grabs a LB in round 2. Martez Wilson offers great versatility here with the ability to play both ILB and OLB, which are both needs for the Chargers.

    51. TB- LB- Bruce Carter- UNC
    Continuing to build on defence, the Bucs go with the top 4-3 OLB available in Bruce Carter. He is a good fit and another piece to a very promising TB team.

    52. NYG- RB- Ryan Williams- Virginia Tech
    Ahmad Bradshaw likely won’t be back and Brandon Jacobs can’t carry the load on his own. Ryan Williams is the #3 RB in this draft and would be a great fit as a compliment to Jacobs.

    53. Ind- DT- Drake Nevis- LSU
    Building through the trenches, Indy goes for a penetrating DT in Nevis, who could be a real headache for teams next to Freeney and Mathis.

    54. Phi- OT/OG- Marcus Cannon- TCU
    Once again building through the OL. While I think Philly will go OT in FA, I think Marcus Cannon is too good to pass up here. He could be used at guard and tackle for the Eagles, who love monster lineman.

    55. KC- WR- Randall Cobb- Kentucky
    Another playmaker in the Dexter McCluster mold, Cobb could help create massive matchup problems for defences. While he isn’t the traditional #2 WR opposite Dwayne Bowe, he is another playmaker and another weapon for Matt Cassel.

    56. NO- DE- Jabaal Sheard- Pitt
    NO keeps adding to their DL with Jabaal Sheard, who should go much higher than this. If he falls however, the Saints will jump all over him.

    57. Sea- OG- Orlando Franklin- Miami
    With no QB worth taking, the Seahawks go with another big need at OG. Franklin is a very good, solid player and would immediately upgrade their OL.

    58. Bal- DL Allen Bailey- Miami
    It happened last year with Cody and Kindle, this year they get another talented player drop to them in the 2nd round. Bailey is an amazing athlete and has a ton of potential.

    59. Atl- TE- Kyle Rudolph- ND
    Tony Gonzalez is coming to the end of his career and Matt Ryan needs a weapon to replace him at TE. Rudolph is the best TE in this draft and will fall here due to injury.

    60. NE- C- Rodney Hudson- Florida State
    In my opinion, Hudson is the most talented Offensive Lineman in this draft. The only reason he isn’t a top 15 pick is his size. I don’t think that will be a problem for the Pats and they get a steal here in the late 2nd.

    61. SD- OT- Jason Pinkston- Pitt
    After adding to the front seven with their first two picks, SD comes back and adds to the OL with their third pick. Pinkston is the top rated OT left on the board so I think they will reach for him a little. He’s a good fit at RT for the Chargers

    62. Chi- DT- Marvin Austin- UNC
    Chicago really needs to upgrade their DL, especially at DT. Austin has a ton of potential but missed the season due to suspension and has character concerns. However, at 62 the Bears take a chance on a very talented DT.

    63. Pitt- CB- Brandon Burton- Utah
    Their biggest need now is CB, so they take the top guy available, who here is the very talented Brandon Burton out of Utah.

    64. GB- DL- Jarvis Jenkins- Clemson
    Once again the SB Champs go defence and take Jarvis Jenkins who is a great fit for their 3-4 DE. He is a very talented player and I think good value here for GB.
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    Patriots Picks

    1 (9) - DE/OLB- Da’Quan Bowers- Clemson
    Since my first post on this site I’ve been driving the Da’Quan Bowers Bandwagon, and I truly believe he is the perfect fit for the Willie McGinest Elephant role in the Pats defence. For a while I had given up hope in getting him, but because of his knee injury he is dropping down draft boards. If he gets past Arizona at 5 I wouldn’t hesitate to trade up for him if necessary. In this mock draft he fell right into my lap. We are one of the few teams near the top of the draft that can be patient with players, so his injury isn’t a huge concern to me.

    1 (13) - WR- Julio Jones- Alabama
    I know a lot of fans don’t like the idea of a WR in round 1, especially trading up for one, but I think WR is a very underrated need for the Pats. Looking at the current roster there is only 1 WR that I can confidently count on in 2011, Wes Welker. Deion Branch is aging and has a history of injury, and while he added a spark to the offence this year, I don’t know how much he has left. Brandon Tate hasn’t really shown me much that can make me think he can be a starting WR. And while it was only his first season playing, I don’t have a lot of confidence in him. Taylor Price showed a lot of promise in the game against the Phins, but it was still only 1 game and he is a complete unknown. And while Julian Edelman has shown flashed that he could be the next Wes Welker, I don’t think they can play on the field together. I think he will be a great backup and eventual replacement for Welker, but he’s not a reason to not go after a WR early in the draft.

    Having said that I’m not drafting a WR for the sake of drafting a WR. I really believe that Julio Jones is the perfect fit for the Patriots and too good to pass up. He fits everything the Patriots want to do, and adds an extra dimension to the offence without changing it back to the “Randy Moss Days”. It might be a bit of a surprise for him to drop to 13, but the only real option to take him above that is Washington.

    2 (13) – DE- Cameron Hayward- Ohio State
    I’ve been quite critical of Cameron Hayward on this board in the past, and I have realised it is simply because my expectations of him were so high coming into the season. I believe he has as much talent as any DL in this draft not named Bowers or Darius, but he struggles with consistency. I think all along that his proper draft spot is early to mid-2nd round, but his amazing Bowl Game pushed him into the first round. Now that injury has pushed him back into the second I think he would be a great value pick here. With his injury and the needs of the teams picking in the early 2nd round, I think Hayward could easily fall to 45, and be the DE that all you guys are waiting for me to pick.

    2 (28) – C- Rodney Hudson- Florida State
    If Da’Quan Bowers is my favourite player in this draft, then Rodney Hudson is a close second. I believe he is the most talented offensive lineman in this draft, and his size is the only thing holding him back. He is a great technician and a great fit for the Pats scheme. Given some time with Dante I think he could be an all-pro at C for the Pats. Ideally he sits for a year behind Koppen and takes over at C in 2012.

    3 (10)- OT/OG- James Carpenter- Alabama
    Carpenter seems to be rising up draft boards and rightfully so. He seems to be the kind of OL that the Patriots like, having been a starting left tackle in the SEC, so you know he has been tested. He offers the Pats the versatility to play RT or OG, though I think his final position will be LG. And with Dante working him out at his pro day, I think there is a very good chance we could see James Carpenter in New England next season.

    3 (17) – OG- Clint Boling- Georgia
    Like Carpenter, Boling seems like the kind of player that fits the Patriots mold. He has experience playing multiple positions, including LT in the SEC. Although, like Carpenter he will likely end up at OG in the NFL. He’s not flashy and he may never be an all-pro, but he is a hard worker that can step in from day 1 and do the job.

    3 (28)- NT- Kenrick Ellis- Hampton
    I know Off the Grid is going to love this pick, and this is a guy that I also really like. I think backup NT is an interesting area for the Pats, and one where I really think they could upgrade. I think if we can give Big #75 some rest and take some pressure off him; it will hopefully extend his career. It will also allow us to try different packages with Wilfork at DE without downgrading the interior of the DL too much. Ellis is an extremely talented, monster of a man, who has the potential to be a very good NT in the NFL. I think he compares very well to the top NT Phil Taylor, but is overshadowed because he played at Hampton. Like Taylor he has some off the field concerns, but I don’t think his are anywhere near as serious as Taylors. Having listened to him speak, he sounds like a well-spoken young man that has probably matured a lot in his time at Hampton.

    4 (11) - RB- Jamie Harper- Clemson
    I really like Harper as a fit in the NE offence. Some people will be down on him because he doesn’t run as hard as his size would suggest, however, he does so many things that I’m not too worried about that. He has great size, strength and speed, to go with outstanding hands and the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. He has been overshadowed at Clemson because of more highly touted backs such as CJ Spiller, James Davis and Andre Ellington, but has still managed to put up respectable numbers. With his combination of size, power and speed, I think Jamie Harper has as much potential as any RB in this draft.

    4 (17) - FS- Deunta Williams
    Having traded off Meriweather and James Sanders being in the last year of his contract, a FS of the future is needed. This is a very weak safety class so I believe the best option is too coached up a mid-round guy. Having re-signed Jarrad Page I don’t think we need a FS that needs to start from day 1, so we can develop a guy. I think the best option is Deunta Williams form UNC. He is a guy that has 1st round talent, but will fall because he had a poor 2010 season on a decimated UNC team. Add to this a severe injury in the Bowl game and Williams falls into the 4th/5th round. If you watch his 2009 film he is an elite FS prospect that has great ball skills and huge potential. I think you go off that and take this guy in the 4th round because he will be an absolute steal. He may need to redshirt for a season but I don’t think that will be an issue.

    4 (24) – DE/OLB- Greg Romeus- Pitt
    Like Deunta Williams, Romeus is a guy that has first round talent that will fall due to injury and mediocre performance. He was severely hampered by injury in the few games he did play in 2010, and eventually lost his season to back and knee injuries. His best fit for the Pats would be as an Elephant OLB, and I see him as a poor man’s Da’Quan Bowers. However, in the late 4th round I wouldn’t hesitate to take him, even having already drafted Bowers, because his upside is immense. He will likely redshirt in 2011, but could be a very good player from 2012 onwards.

    4 (28) – QB- Greg McElroy- Alabama
    Backup QB is a position that will always be looked at to ensure that Brian Hoyer doesn’t get complacent, and to continually push him to improve. This draft offers a guy that I believe is built to be a backup QB for the Pats. McElroy is about as pro ready of a QB as you will find, although he doesn’t have great physical tools. He is incredibly smart, already has pro progressions and reads; he is well coached and respected among his teammates. He is the exact type of guy you want on your team, and would be perfectly suited to being a backup QB. And if he can improve his arm strength over the coming years he could even become a very good starting QB.

    5 (10) – CB- Chykie Brown- Texas
    Chykie Brown is a very interesting late round CB, who has been overshadowed by his Texas teammates at CB. He has the athletic ability of a 1st round pick, but his footwork is very raw and his tackling needs a lot of work. He won’t be able to start right away, but given time and good coaching he could be a steal in the 5th round. I originally looked at his Texas Teammate Aaron Williams in the 2nd round, but I believe Chykie will offer much greater value later in the draft. They both need a lot of work but both have huge upsides, and I would much rather take that risk on a 5th rounder than an early 2nd. The Patriots will be having a private workout with Brown so he could be a player to watch.

    5 (28) - DL- Cedrick Thornton- Southern Arkansas
    With the injuries to Mike Wright and Myron Pryor, young sub rushing DL is a big need for the Pats. I think Cedrick Thornton is the perfect guy to fill that role. He is a small school guy so he is under the radar, but he has great tools and would be a perfect fit as a situational pass rusher. He was held back by injuries in 2010, but he put up monster numbers in 2009, albeit against inferior competition. He’s definitely not a fit as a base DE in the Pats system, but as a sub rusher he could be a very good player. He is strong and disruptive, and can flat out get after the QB.

    6 (6) - OT- Jarriel King- South Carolina
    King is a big, talented and raw O-Lineman that could be a very good developmental guy in the late rounds. He has a lot of upside, and given some time with Dante he could develop into something very good. He’s currently a 6th round pick, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a team over draft him based on his upside
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    #75 Jersey

    Comp pick (for TE Ben Watson)- OLB- Steven Friday- Virginia Tech
    Yet another OLB, Friday offers more versatility. He had very little production up until 2010 where he exploded and dominated. He has a good skill set, where he can rush the passer, and he also has the athletic ability to drop into coverage. He will be 25 years old at the start of the season but he offers great versatility, especially with his speed off the edge. Most likely a situational pass rusher in the NFL.

    UDFA- RB/WR- Brandon Saine- Ohio State
    Saine is a guy that I really like as a hybrid RB/WR in the Dexter McCluster mold. He’s not a traditional between the tackles RB, but he offers great versatility, especially catching the ball out of the backfield. Ideally he would sit on the practice squad for a year, and then take over from Deion Branch as the 6th WR and 5th RB on the roster.

    UDFA- RB- Graig Cooper- Miami
    Cooper is a very interesting guy who some had rated as a possible 1st round pick before injury derailed his college career. He seems a shadow of his former self coming off his injury, but If he can get healthy he is a steal.

    UDFA- DL- Adrian Taylor- Oklahoma
    Like Copper, Adrian Taylor was once seen as a 1st round pick before injury struck. Taylor seems like a great fit as a DE for the Pats 3-4, as he is a monster run stuffer with surprising athleticism. He isn’t much of a pass rusher, but given a year on IR and some coaching he could develop into a solid rotational DE, possibly even a starter.

    UDFA- OL- David Mims- Virginia Union
    One of Off the Grid’s finds, Mims is a mountainous, monster of a man with huge upside, but he is as raw as they come. He’s worth a risk as a UDFA and give Scar some time to try to coach him up. He may never live up to his immense potential, in fact it’s likely he won’t, but by the off chance that he does he could be an absolute beast at RT.

    QB- Brady, Hoyer, McElroy
    RB- BJGE, Woodhead, Harper, Kettani, Cooper-IR? Saine-PS
    TE- Crumpler, Gronkowski, Hernandez
    WR- Jones, Welker, Branch, Price, Tate, Edelman
    OT- Light, Vollmer, Maneri, Ojinaka, King-PS, Mims-PS
    OG- Connolly, Wendell, Boling, Carpenter
    C- Koppen, Hudson

    NT- Wilfork, Ellis, Love
    Base DE- T. Warren, Hayward, Stroud, Brace, Deaderick, G. Warren, K. Weston-PS, A. Taylor-IR
    Sub DL- Wright, Pryor, Thronton-PS?
    ILB- Mayo, Spikes, Guyton, Fletcher, Micah Johnson-PS (2010 binky)
    OLB- Bowers, Cunningham, Ninko, Moore, Friday, Romeus-IR
    CB- McCourty, Bodden, Arrington, Butler, Wilhite, C. Brown
    FS- Sanders, Page, D. Williams-IR?
    SS- Chung, Brown, Barrett
    K- Gostowski
    P- Mesko
    LS- Katula

    EARLY 2012 Draft Outlook
    The 2012 draft looks like it could be very strong at the top of the draft, however, I’m worried about the depth of it after the large number of underclassmen declaring this season. The main areas that the 2012 draft looks to be deep is at QB, WR, OT and DB. The OT crop looks especially good with at least 3 likely top 10-15 picks, and up to 5 or 6 tackles that could be rated higher than any of the OT’s this year. This is why I would hold off going after a LT in the 2011 draft and go after one in 2012. There are two top 5 worthy LT’s in the 2012 draft in Matt Kalil and Jonathan Martin. I personally like Martin, but they will both be elite. Another OL I really like is Josh Oglesby from Iowa. He is currently a RT prospect but I think he could become an elite OG prospect if he can put it all together. Finally the last player I really like is Kheeston Randall from Texas. He is the prototype 3-4 DE for the Pats system, and could be the next Ty Warren. I’m expecting him to have a big year and shoot up draft boards in 2012.

    1a (from Wash) - OT- Jonathan Martin- Stanford
    1b- DL- Kheeston Randall- Texas
    2- OT/OG- Josh Oglesby- Wisconsin

    Sorry for the 4 pages, I may have gone a little overboard
  5. bigcountry75

    bigcountry75 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Mar 30, 2009
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    I would absolutely love this draft if this happened....:rocker:
  6. dryheat44

    dryheat44 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Sep 14, 2004
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    +78 / 2 / -0

    #75 Jersey

    You think? I'm glad you listed the Pats picks in the end, because with so many trades I missed a couple and was about to rip the draft.

    Lots of work here, and I appreciate that. I'll be honest, I would absolutely not trade three assets for Bowers (nor do I think the Cowboys will accept that trade), I hate the Rodney Hudson pick, I think Carpenter is too high, and I wouldn't let Kenrick Ellis in the building. But besides that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

    On the plus side, I like Julio Jones, and if fact would rather take him at #9 than Bowers. I think your trades were well conceived and executed. I'm a huge Romeus fan, to the point that I would say that Bowers is a poor man's Romeus. I like Heyward, Boling, Williams, and Thornton where they are. Love McElroy too.
  7. VJCPatriot

    VJCPatriot Pro Bowl Player

    Apr 28, 2006
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    +66 / 1 / -4

    Cowboys trade. Too one sided. Don't see it happening.
    3 picks for Julio Jones. Please tell me you're not serious.
    We would be robbing Al blind and deaf to get that kind of bounty for #33, and he uses it on... a center? Huh.

    Nice effort. But I don't see half these moves happening. Also, Rodney Hudson in round 2? That's a head scratcher. The Pats problem has been that their interior has been pushed around and bowled over by bigger and stronger DL come playoffs. I don't think Hudson is the type of guard to solve that issue.
  8. capetide

    capetide Practice Squad Player

    Feb 16, 2005
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    Great job with so much time and effort. Would love to get all that youth and talent in theory but how young do you want to make the roster? Personally, I'd love for 3 defensive studs and 4 offensive players (O line primarily) and call it a day. Trade up, trade to 2012, whatever.

    BTW (I am one of those who wouldn't draft a WR that high. Why not wait.)
  9. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    Mar 13, 2005
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    I'm tepid about your draft priorities, and some of your answers, but my big critique would be trading two starting caliber OL and a veteran (if inconsistent) S to Dallas for an OLB. I like Bowers very much, and NE getting him at 9 would be good value ... up until you gut the O-line.
  10. patchick

    patchick Moderatrix Staff Member PatsFans.com Supporter

    Sep 13, 2004
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    #50 Jersey

    ...and uncharacteristic for Jones, too. He's big on headline-making personnel moves, but he's always looking for the splashy target. (Joey Galloway, Deion Sanders, Roy Williams, Pacman Jones, Dez Bryant, etc. etc.) The players in this proposed trade seem to have too much steak for the Pats to give up and too little sizzle for the Cowboys to accept.
  11. Wilfork#75

    Wilfork#75 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Sep 27, 2010
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    #75 Jersey

    I understand you may think its a lot to give up for the 9th pick, which it is. But the way I look at it is Mankins likely won't be signed long term, so I would much rather trade him now and get value for him than let him walk after the season. I also dont think that Meriweather will be re-signed after the season, and I think other teams will value him much more than the Pats. He's coming off his second pro bowl and his value wont get any higher, so I would trade him now. And Kazcur could very easily be cut before the season starts so I think he is just a throw in. So I see it as trading 1 season of Mankins, 1 season of Meriwather and Kazcur for the 9th overall pick.

    Looking at the value of the 9th pick I think thats a pretty fair deal. It values Mankins as a mid 1st rounder (e.g. 18= 900pts), Meriweather as a mid 2nd (e.g. 51= 390pts) and Kazcur as a mid-late 4th (e.g. 117=60pts), which equals the 9th overall pick (1350pts). I think value wise its a pretty fair deal. If you dont like player taken at 9 thats fair enough, but I dont see the players traded staying long term and I dont believe we can get that kind of value for them individually. In terms of gutting the O-Line, im not counting on Kazcur or Mankins playing a major role this season so I dont think this is the case.

    From Dallas' side they very well might not accept that kind of trade, but I think it would make sense for them to. At 9 their most likely target would be Prince Amukamara, who plays one of the few positions which has some depth in this draft. I think they would be better off making this trade and going CB in round 2 and OT in round 3 than going Prince at 9. They may not be getting flashy names, but they will definitely improve their team.
  12. Wilfork#75

    Wilfork#75 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Sep 27, 2010
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    #75 Jersey

    While we may be trading 3 picks for Julio, value wise we are likely to come out ahead in this trade. As I stated I'm worried about the depth of the 2012 draft so I would rather trade future picks rather than current ones. And if the Pats make the playoffs in 2011, then they will actually get the better of this trade value wise. While this trade actually favors the Pats, I think the Lions could do it because they have no reason not to. All of the players they will be targeting will most likely still be available at 17, so why not move down and pick up some extra picks.

    In terms of the trade down with Oakland, its not that big a price to pay for the 33rd pick. The 33rd pick is valued at 580 pts, 48= 420 pts and 81= 185 pts. So the Raiders will be overpaying by 25 pts, or the equivalent of a high 6th round pick. I think Al would easily pay this price if he liked a guy, which he eaily could for Wisniewski because of the family ties and the position of need.

    And Rodney Hudson would be playing C not OG for the Pats. Yes he is undersized and he may not be able to handle a monster NT 1 on 1, but no C in this years draft can. Even the top C in the 2012 draft, Mike Brewster is 295lbs and can't handle NT's 1 on 1. Im also not sure why Hudson in the 2nd is a head scratcher, he is definitely a 2nd round pick, and if anything would require a trade up from 60 to get. He's a great technician and the guy is just a very good football player.

    I understand it is a lot of draft picks to add to a team that only has a limited number of roster spots available, but what this draft would create is competition for roster spots, and competition is good. One thing I have done with this draft with so many picks is I have taken a number of players with injury concerns who will likely go on IR for a season, and will virtually become 2012 draft picks. Also, a number of these players would also likely go to the Practice Squad, so they are integrated into the team over a period of time, and not just a huge overhall. I would expect all of the players in the top 3 rounds to make the roster, with Romeus, D. Williams, A. Taylor and G. Cooper going on IR. The rest of the players would either compete for roster spots or go onto the practice squad, and look to compete for roster spots in 2012 when more spots open up with guys like Sanders, Koppen, G. Warren and others possibly gone. So we would likely be adding 8-10 players this year, with possibly another 2-5 next year as well.
  13. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    Mar 13, 2005
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    I understood your motivations, I just feel they are unrealistic from a NE perspective.
    -- Mankins may be feuding with the Kraft family, but BB is making every effort to get him re-signed long term, just not in excess of his financial model for the team. I think BB will pull this off.
    -- Dallas likes hogs, Mankins is actually too light by their standards. The have 355 lb. Leonard Davis starting at LG, and they are happy with him.
    -- A franchise tag is considered equivalent to two firsts in value, Mankins alone would be worth Dallas' #9. As patchick noted, Jerry may be crazy enough to spend two firsts on a player, but he wants sizzle with his steak - unless Mankins is going to punch a lot of nuts I don't see it.
    -- I consider any speculation Kaczur may be released to be premature. There is currently openings at LT and RG, either of which Scar believes he can play. Connolly or Orhnberger may beat Kac out for RG, I don't see LeVoir, or Maneri, winning the LT slot, nor RT is Vollmer if flipped. And if Mankins does go, Kac is primed for that slot too. If Kac were to lose all of the starting battles, then I can see him being released or traded due to his salary cap implications, but I'm hard pressed to project him as a loser in a multi-position tourney.
    -- Meriweather is a first round talent with one year remaining on his contract, which makes him about a third round value. With no heir apparent waiting, and no rookie Safety seeing much starting success since Eugene Wilson, I just don't see the move - especially as a free agent Meriweather in 2012 could turn into a substantial comp pick.
    EDIT: I like Bowers quite well, he'd be a great value at #9, I just don't see NE buying another LB higher than they took Mayo - call it locker room dynamics - unless they feel he can be a leadership partner with Mayo the way Bru and Vrabes were so effective.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2011
  14. Patriot Missile

    Patriot Missile Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Feb 4, 2005
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    #75 Jersey

    I don't know how serious Bowers knee is but when I start hearing the term microfracture surgery thrown around it makes me a little nervous. I'm not sure if this is other camps throwing rumors out there to make the guy fall or agents trying to get their guy higher in the draft tree? I'd certainly think the Pats would check this guy from head to toe before they would do something that crazy.
  15. jeffbiologist

    jeffbiologist Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Dec 17, 2007
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    We are not in a rebuilding mode, no way do we need this many picks. Adding value sure. Trading 3 starting players for a pick? NOPE, no matter if one asked for the kings ransom, one slept with my momma and the other lost a leg! The picks replacements dont fill the holes you made with the trade either. You do realize we were 14-2 last year with only a couple of major holes in our starting lineup. All that movement and no RB til the 4th rd? A WR up that high? Only 1 trade for a future pick? FAIL.
  16. IllegalContact

    IllegalContact Pro Bowl Player

    Jun 5, 2010
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    Sorry, but given all the work, this hat to be the worst thing I've ever seen.....

    The pats can do better with the picks that they already have

  17. Ochmed Jones

    Ochmed Jones Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Dec 21, 2004
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    #12 Jersey

    Tremendous effort on the mock. For 2012 I love the Martin pick for ROT for us if Vollmer moves to LOT. Martin is nasty and strong as a bull.

    I would replace Randall with Crick of Nebraska and Oglesby with team mates Konz.
  18. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    Mar 25, 2005
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    They are also unrealistic from a court perspective since any ruling that comes down based on the April 6th court decision which will probably be delivered on or after the 13th of April will be appealed by the losing party to the 8th circuit court of appeals and likely not heard until May...

    There simply isn't going to be FA or player trades UNTIL a new CBA is achieved or until the owners have exhausted all of their appeals should any court enjoin them from locking out non union employees whose continued employment would damage their ability to defend themselves against anti trust litigation...
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2011
  19. tricktak

    tricktak Banned

    Feb 11, 2010
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    Pats Picks

    #21 Trade with Eagles- Torrey Smith, WR: I think they only stay at 17 if there's someone they really like there. Torrey Smith maybe considered a reach but so was McCourty, Spikes and Mankins. He fits the mold of a Patriots receiver well and I think they move down and pick him before Baltimore has a chance to.

    #28- Brooks Reed, DE/LB: They need to come out of the first or second round with a legit pass rusher. Reed fits what they look for in an outside linebacker and they may be worried that the Jets will pick Reed before he gets to the second.

    #33- Danny Watkins, G: They'll most likely come away with a guard in the early rounds as well. Watkins is a solid pick here, He's experienced enough to start on the O-Line right away and plays with that mean streak the Patriots love.

    #60- Traded for additional third round pick: I don't have any idea who will trade for this pick but I think if they keep their two first rounders, they'll trade one of their second rounders.

    #74- Jordan Todman, RB: He's a great fit for the Patriots and would mix well with Green-Ellis and Woodhead. Todman doesn't fumble, which the Patriots love and he has the second gear running that none of the Patriots backs really have. Woodhead has some explosion but he won't be able to hold up well if he runs too much, Todman would be a great back to cancel Green-Ellis and Woodhead out.

    Additional Third rounder- Johnny Patrick, CB: They draft a corner every year and Patrick is the type of cornerback they like.

    #92- Jarvis Jenkins, DE/DT: Some people think the defensive line is their biggest need, I don't think it is. They have Brace, Deaderick looked pretty good last year and Mike Wright will be coming back. With that being said, they still should add at least one other solid d-lineman and Jenkins would be a good pick here. He is very disruptive, has a good motor and plays wll against the run.

    4th Round pick- Ahmad Black, S: He's the type of safety they look for. He can be used as Meriweather insurance plus Belichick loves drafting Florida players and Black is one of the better ones.
  20. Off The Grid

    Off The Grid Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Apr 20, 2010
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    #3 Jersey

    Although we don't agree on many conclusions, Brother Wilfork's posts are among my very favorite, for he isn't afraid to think out side the Box, and does so with intelligence, creativity...and BALLS!! :rocker:
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