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  1. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

    Alright, it looks like I'll be stepping in by popular request for unoriginal this week, taking a look at the OL play in the Dolphins Debacle. I had originally been doing some +/- tape work, just going player-by-player, play-by-play and giving +/-'s where earned. I did about a half of that before starting with this OL work, and made the following observations (in Bert Breer "Tale of the Tape" style):

    Here are some relevant links:

    Reiss offensive participation numbers
    Reiss offensive formation numbers
    Reiss defensive participation numbers

    I've only had time thus far to look at the first half action; at some point I will look at the second half as well.

    Here is the 1st half log:

    14:51    1 & 10    Kaczur (pressure)
    14:15    2 & 4     Yates (wrong block on pull)
    13:40    3 & 4
    11:51    1 & 10   (moving pocket pass)
    11:22    2 & 4    
    10:44    1 & 10   (offsides)
    10:36    1 & 5     Light (false start)
    10:21    1 & 10
    9:45     1 & 10   (double OT cut blocks)
    9:11     1 & 10   (double OT cut blocks)
    8:52     2 & 4
    8:12     3 & 1
    7:34     1 & 7     Watson (sack), Light (pressure), Yates (pressure)
    7:07     2 & 12    Mankins (sack)
    6:20     3 & 16    (fake screen/bubble screen), entire line: Mankins (knockdown, missed block downfield), Light (pressure), Kaczur (pressure), Koppen and Yates (missed blocks downfield)
    2:22     1 & 10    Thomas (missed tough second-level block on biting in-box safety)
    1:47     2 & 10
    1:13     3 & 5     (reverse)
    0:29     1 & 10    Mankins (blown assignment, triple team to leave man free)
    0:10     2 & 9     (illegal contact, no play)
    0:02     1 & 10    Mankins (fell down while pulling/missed block)
    15:00    2 & 11    Yates (beaten, forced dumpoff)
    14:26    3 & 11    Koppen and Yates (knockdown after losing double team)
    13:43    4 & 2     Mankins (pressure)
    13:08    1 & 10    (screen)
    12:33    2 & 12
    12:11    3 & 6     Yates (beaten, but defender slipped)
    8:11     1 & 10
    7:41     2 & 3     (bad run by Jordan, who bounced it outside when he had Moss and Yates pulling through the hole to meet the SS, causing Thomas to lose his angle)
    6:59     3 & 2     Yates (late pressure), Kaczur (knockdown)
    6:18     1 & 10    Yates (late pressure)
    5:37     1 & 10    Gaffney (missed block on FS)
    5:06     2 & 8     Yates (late pressure)
    5:03     3 & 8
    0:54     1 & 10
    0:49     2 & 6     Kaczur (sack)
    0:11     3 & 14    
    Total 1st half demerits:

    Name        Sack        Knockdown    Pressure    Bad Run    Penalty
    Light          0        0            2            0        1
    Mankins        1        1            1            2        0
    Koppen         0        1            0            0        0
    Yates          0        1            6            1        0
    Kaczur         1        1            2            0        0
    Watson         1        0            0            0        0
    Thomas         0        0            1            0        0
    Gaffney        0        0            0            1        0
    Here's a few plays that I'll break down further, the first three of which came one after another in the first quarter (sack, sack, INT):

    On this one, the Pats run a play action to the right with Morris, with Mankins pulling to the right as well. The Dolphins were in a 3-4, leaving Watson and Light against ROLB Porter and RDE Merling on the backside. Watson was useless on this one, allowing Porter to blow by on the snap before falling to his knees afterward. Light didn't fare much better with Merling, but at least kept his footing and didn't allow Merling to get by him until Koppen came over to help and sent Merling to the ground.

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  2. SVN

    SVN Hall of Fame Poster

    last nite collinsworth said he watched tape of the fins game and 3 or 4times moss was deep down the field and raised his hand but wasnt thrown to because cassel was under pressure or running...did you see any of this in your observations ?
  3. Zeke_Mowatt

    Zeke_Mowatt Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Awesome, thanks for taking the time to break down some knowledge for those of us less "chock full 'o smarts"! What I find funny is how little I catch in real-time, I swear I saw tons of pressure coming off Nick's side of the ball, but it looks like it was more Yates than Kaczur, which I totally didn't see when watching live. Also good breakdown on Mankins, and also good to see it was a bit unusual (though a bit scary that the rookie Merling got over on one of our pro-bowlers, hope it turns out to be more of an anomaly/bad game than trend/shortage). Here's to hoping it was a combo scheming and bad day that gets corrected for San Fran.
  4. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

    Continuing on with the first play, Merling may be out of the picture, but Porter is still coming unblocked on Cassel's blindside. It's unlikely that Cassel would have had time to step-up and avoid Porter, but any chance of doing so was negated by NT Jason Ferguson. When Koppen peeled off, Yates lost his inside help with Ferguson, who then had free passage to give Porter a hand with the sack.

  5. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

    OK, so Cassel gets up, brushes off, and goes on with the next play. This one is better known as the "sack" where Cassel scooted free and scrambled for a "touchdown." This time, the blocking was good, except for one guy: Mankins. Merling blew him back on the snap and took him for a ride into the backfield, before jumping off the wagon and getting Cassel "in his grasp."

  6. Lifer

    Lifer Banned


    Is there a frame where it clearly breaks down the fact the Patriots SUCKED on both sides of the ball for 60 minutes?
  7. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

    OK, so Cassel's pissed this time. He thought he had the touchdown, but the play was whistled dead. So he jogs back to the huddle, and now it's third down. McDaniels gets creative. He sends Welker in motion from the right slot to the left flat, and has Cassel fake a screen to him. From there, Cassel was supposed to hit Faulk underneath in a bubble screen as the defense was still figuring out what was going on. That didn't happen.

    Mankins gets manhandled at the snap again by Merling, and Merling has a lot more penetration than Mankins would have liked before he released to block downfield on the bubble screen. In the meantime, Dolphins DE Starks diagnoses the play and gets in the passing lane of Cassel, who is forced to throw off his back foot because of Merling's pressure.

  8. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

    All three of Mankins, Koppen, and Yates pulled to block on the screen, yet none of them, uh, blocked. Starks could have been taken out of the area by a blocker, and even if Starks hadn't been there to pick off a pressured Cassel, Faulk would have been whalloped (and actually was). LB Crowder had dropped back considerably on the snap, but still came up uncontested to give Faulk a good lick from behind with neither Yates nor Mankins to stop him.

  9. ALP

    ALP Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    mankins played like he did in the SB, and this time against a rookie no less...

  10. cstjohn17

    cstjohn17 Supporter Supporter

    #54 Jersey

    Thank you for doing this, the pictures are great.

    Personally I would rather watch the Superbowl than the Dolphins game. So far you have focused on the, pardon my french "blocking"... I can hardly wait to see what the tale of the tape says about the ILBs.
  11. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

    What do you do to counter an aggressive defense? You keep them honest with plays such as this finely-executed reverse. On this one, Porter is allowed free passage into the backfield, only to find himself over-committed and out of position once Faulk reverses it to Welker. Cassel's ensuing block on Porter doesn't exactly match up to Brady's in the January 2004 Titans game, but it still does the trick, and helps Welker get downfield for a 19 yard gain.

  12. richpats

    richpats Banned

    I'm glad you talked about Cassel - he didn't do anything to screw up NE's chances. In SB42 the o-line played just as bad (if not worse) and they got all the blame for the offense's struggles. In the Miami game, Cassel gets the blame from NE fans b/c he's Matt Cassel. Hilarious.
  13. emoney_33

    emoney_33 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Bump this wonderful thread.
  14. PatsDeb

    PatsDeb Supporter Supporter

    Thanks for this good stuff!
  15. DefenseRules

    DefenseRules Pro Bowl Player

    #12 Jersey

    Thanks for the breakdown. You have confirmed my concern about this OL. I pray to the football Gods that they improve. :(
  16. nashvillepatsfan

    nashvillepatsfan In the Starting Line-Up

    Thanks Pats1. I appreciate all your work on this.
  17. ausbacker

    ausbacker Brady > Manning. Supporter

    #87 Jersey

    Thanks Pats1. Makes life a little easier being in Australia and not having football nous around you explaining problematic issues etc.
  18. DarrylS

    DarrylS Supporter Supporter

    Thanks for the intelligent, well thought out post, in what sometimes seems to be an abyss of..
  19. PatsFan24

    PatsFan24 In the Starting Line-Up

    do you actually break this game films down yourself? if so that is really impressive. did you used to be a football coach?
  20. Pats726

    Pats726 Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    Great break down..really solid...THANKS!!!
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