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    December 24, 2005 -- In order for the Jets to keep Monday night's game from becoming a laugher, they must find a way to solve the puzzle that is the Patriots defense.

    Such a solution has proven elusive of late. Foxborough again is home to the hottest defense in the NFL, a unit which has surrendered 10 points all month, leading New England to a season-high three-game winning streak.

    In those three games, the Pats' defense has registered 11 sacks (including seven last week in the 28-0 shutout of Tampa Bay), and allowed an average of 28.3 rushing yards per contest. Those numbers show how much the Patriots' recent success is due to their ability to win the battle at the line of scrimmage.

    That reality comes as no surprise to Herman Edwards, who said he realizes he needs an outstanding performance from his offensive line for Gang Green to have a chance.

    "They're going to be a key," Edwards said after practice yesterday. "That's a key for any football team."

    In the Jets' 16-3 loss three weeks ago at Foxborough, the team's inability to run the ball was a major factor. Curtis Martin ran for 29 yards on 15 carries, and the Jets converted four of 14 third-down opportunities. That lack of production ultimately led to New England's domination in time of possession by more than 16 minutes.

    "Having our defense on the field too long and us not scoring is a bad combination," Edwards said after the loss.

    This time around, the Jets will have to give quarterback Brooks Bollinger a much better chance to succeed, and that means giving him enough time to throw in the pocket and, more importantly, an opportunity to escape when the pressure arrives.

    "Brooks has a knack for getting out of the pocket and making plays, whether it's running the ball or throwing it on the run," said his backup and mentor, Vinny Testaverde, who could see action Monday night. "He didn't get much of a chance to do that last time."

    Whether Bollinger will get a better opportunity Monday night is debatable, but his chances grew slightly better yesterday when offensive tackle Scott Gragg returned to practice. Officially listed as probable, Gragg likely will be in the starting lineup.

    Even Gragg's presence won't be enough to keep the pressure off Bollinger. An injury-riddled unit all season, the Pats' defense suddenly finds itself without a single name on the injury report, and their collective confidence seems to be returning as quickly as their health.

    "They're in their look, they're in their deal, they're in how they play right about now — swagger," Edwards said.

    Neither DE Shaun Ellis (hamstring) nor DT Dewayne Robertson (thigh) practiced yesterday. Both are listed as questionable for the game.
    RB Derrick Blaylock, who broke his right ankle in Week 5 against the Buccaneers, will return to the lineup Monday, and, though he may get a few carries on offense, will be used largely on special teams.
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    I would say even better than the steel curtain because they cheated and used steroids.
  3. Alk

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    Wow, we shut down the mighty Bills and a Tampa offense in the cold. I think comparing this defense to one of the greatest of all time is just a tad premature.
  4. italian pat patriot

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    an exaggeration too in my opinion

    i love our defense a lot but...
  5. kptmorgan04

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    but.... it has been a pretty rediculously good defense the last three games. I am not a stat guy, but would be interesting to see how this three game stretch stacks up against other 3 game periods. too bad that buffalo had that garbage time play and score in that game or else the stats would be better by 7 points and a chunk of yards.
  6. RayClay

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    I don't think he was really making that comparison. Just a "hook" for the article.

    Certainly wouldn't be a valid comparison.

    To say they are the "hot" defense now might be valid. At least the front 7.

    Although the Bears might have something to say about that. :D
  7. kptmorgan04

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    thinking about it more, without that garbage td in bufallo, the pats wouldnt have allowed a td since the chiefs. call it what you like, I will call it very impressive.
  8. shmessy

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    Ummmm.....three games, dude.
  9. kptmorgan04

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    tell me the last time they have held opponents to a comined 10 points after 3games? just did a quick look at stats for the last 3 super bowl season and it hasnt happend.
    I KNOW that the quality of teams isnt all that, but it is still something that I was even surprised with especially being that the bills touchdown was a gimmie. I am NOT calling them any resembelence of a great defense at this point, because they arent, but it is encourageing and interesting to think about with all the great defenses that we have had and how bad this one was earlier in the year.
  10. shmessy

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    Agreed they have been terrific over three games. The Steel Curtain comparison seems a bit misplaced at this time.

    Let the wine breathe.
  11. kptmorgan04

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    how bout no first downs in the entire first half.... reiss commented on the least points over three games today in his post.

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