Pats/Bills game questions from an alien fan

Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by The Gus, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. The Gus

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    I am a fan from Brittany.
    I will be in Canada next september and I think I will make a little trip to Foxborough and go to watch a game (Pats/Bills on Monday night). Since it will be my 1st game i have a few questions:

    Do I need to buy the tickets right now or can I wait one or two more weeks?
    All standing rooms tickets are already sold? Or will be released later? (None are available on ticketmaster)
    Will I clearly see the game from the upper section? (cheapest seats on ticketmaster)
    Are american football fans as dumb as soccer fans CAN be? (The real question is: I root for the Pats, do I need to get a seat in the home side of the stadium or will I be OK cheering the Pats even if I am on the visitors' side?)

    Free question now: Can anyone give me some hints about cheap flights from Toronto to [Nearest airport of the game]? Plus I won't need a visa with a biometric passport right?

    Thanks you all

  2. jmt57

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    The game is sold out. You'll need to check out ticket agencies such as Stub Hub, Ace Tickets, e-bay, etc. Sometimes if you wait close to game time you can find somebody with too many tickets, or who suddenly is unable to attend and has to get rid of them cheap. However with this being the first game of the year - and return of Tom Brady - the chances of that happening for the Buffalo game are very slim.
    Sometimes tickets become available later, but there's no guarantee that will happen. Plus, there are thousands of other fans also looking for the tickets as well; if and when they become available they sell out very quickly.
    Yes, though obviously not as well if you were closer. This site gives you an idea of what your view will be like from each section. If you register, you get a better idea of what the view is like with a bigger picture.
    American football stadiums tend to be filled with almost all home fans, so there is no need to worry about which side your seats are on.

    You're probably better off looking at flights in to Providence RI than Boston MA. I would suggest looking at travel agencies like Travelocity and Orbitz. I don't know about the biometric part, but yes, you will need a passport.

    Good luck on your quest for tickets.
  3. The Gus

    The Gus Rookie

    Well, thanks a lot for your quick and detailed answer.

    Ticketmaster seems to still have some tickets, even the "cheap" (hum) ones but unfortunatedly it looks like I can only pay with a Visa card. How can I do if I am using Mastercard?

    Can't wait to actually see a game.
  4. jmt57

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    Good question regarding Visa and Mastercard. I know Visa signed a deal to become the "exclusive" credit card company of the NFL. This gives them more time in front of NFL fans, gives the NFL extra endorsement revenue - but leaves NFL fans that don't have a Visa card in the cold. Unfortunately the same kind of exclusive rights deal is in place with Ticketmaster for the tickets. While other ticket agencies may have tickets available, you'll most likely have to pay a much higher price.

    Sounds like your options are (a) get yourself a Visa card; (b) get someone you know to buy the tickets on their Visa, and pay them for the tickets; or (c) try someone other than Ticketmaster, and see what they're getting for those tickets.

    These exclusive rights deals may be a good business proposition for the NFL, but the lack of competition usually is not in the best interest of us, the fans.
  5. SmokeShowin

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    I sit 3 rows from the top in section 304. It's really not that bad.
  6. upstater1

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    The USA has a visa waiver policy with France, so you're good to use a passport for entry into the USA.

    About flights, go to Boston (Logan Airport) since that's the only nonstop. Providence is usually more expensive and also you have to connect, so you're better off flying to Boston.

    If you're staying in downtown Toronto, the airport is 40 minutes north. I have done this flight multiple times. It costs about $400. If you use the Buffalo airport which is 1 1/2 hours away from Toronto, there are two benefits. One, the flight to Boston will cost half as much AND there is much less hassle crossing customs since you will pass over a US border. The lines at international gateway airports like Boston, New York, Atlanta, etc. are excruciatingly long.

    EDIT: I just remembered, the US has an agreement with Canada where you actually pass through US customs in the Toronto airport. Still, the lines are usually very long there.
  7. The Gus

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    Once again thank you for your answers.

    On Office de tourisme des Etats-Unis, information formalites USA
    "Avoir un billet d'avion aller-retour (qui prouve votre sortie du territoire US, qu'importe l'aéroport d'entrée et de sortie)"
    wich means [You have] "to have a roundabout plane ticket (which prove your exit from US territory, whatever the entrance and exiting airport"

    But also: "A la frontière terrestre (entre le Canada et les Etats-Unis et entre le Mexique et les Etats-Unis) vous devrez vous acquitter d'une taxe de US$ 6 payable uniquement en espèces."
    wich means "At the ground limit (between Canada and the US and between Mexico and the US) you will have to pay in cash a 6$ fee"

    Does that means I can cross the frontier by train/bus? How expensive are those? (In France it's actually quite cheap but I don't know abroad, especially in much wider countries.)
    What company should I use?

    Thanks guys, you are great (with you, it seems almost needless to buy a travel guide book).
  8. The Gus

    The Gus Rookie

    I finally got myself a VISA card and purchased a ticket for the game, here I'll be: section 312, row 16, seat 4.
    Can't wait to see the game!
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  9. The Gus

    The Gus Rookie

    I'm back with a few more questions (I think you should get used to it ^^).

    I found a Toronto/Buffalo bus ticket (Greyhound: 24US$ (one way)) and a Toronto/Buffalo plane ticket (Delta Airlines: 98CAD$ (one way)), are the prices about right?

    Now I have to travel from Boston to Gilette Stadium, but I can't found any MBTA station any closer than more than 3 miles away from the Stadium. Aren't there any special schedule on gamedays?

    Waht could you suggest me to spend the night? Is there any hostel or campsite nearby (still looking for something cheap)?
  10. jmt57

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    Sorry I missed your Question, Ian relayed your message to me.

    Check this out: Official New England Patriots - Game Reports - Stadium Details

    Now those times are for a typical 1:00 pm game. From what I have read, for Monday night games the train departs about a half hour after the game is finished and arrives about an hour before the start of the game. I would call them to check what their schedule will be like on that day - call 617-222-3200, or the ticket office info line at (800) 543-1776.

    The prices you were quoted for plane and bus tickets sound right to me. You will need to pay the $6 and show them that you have a return ticket.

    I googled 'campgrounds massachusetts' and found this one, in Foxboro:
    Normandy Farms Campground

    I would check travel sites such as,,,, etc. for auto rentals and motel/hotel rates. For an inexpensive motel in the area there is Local Hotel in Foxboro MA 02035 - Americas Best Value Inns and Hotels, or Super 8 Hotels | North Attleboro Massachusetts Hotel | North Attleboro, MA 02760 | Near Emerald Square Mall (0.75 mi), Roger Williams Zoo (2 mi) & Chemawa Golf (5 mi), for example. It will be far less expensive to stay in the Foxboro area than it will be to stay somewhere in Boston.
  11. jmt57

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  12. The Gus

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    Finally fixed some PC problems, thank you for your answers, I'll try to find something.
  13. The Gus

    The Gus Rookie

    Thank for all your hints but I eventually settled on an hostel (Hostelling International - Boston Downtown) 20mins walk away from South Station for 36$, It'll be far cheaper than the other hotel I saw (America Best Value wasn't available anymore, and the campsite was quite a bit far from any public transport station, especially with luggage).

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