Pats 06 Draft Class Already a Success

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    Pat Kirwan has an article projecting rookie starters from the 06 draft calss at:

    The Pats are among the teams with the most rookie starters in the NFL with Gostkowski, O'Callaghan, and likely Andrews all breaking into the starting lineup (as a returner). They also have 2 players (Maroney and hopefully Jackson) who will play significant roles and 2 more (Thomas and Mills) who will have some significant playing time this year. Add in at least 1 undrafted free agent (Woods) who is likely to make the team and 3 draftees likely to go on the PS (Bramlet, Smith, Stevenson) as well as getting a pick for UDFA Cobbs and I don't think we have to wait the usual 1-3 years to declare the 06 draft class an unqualified success. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the best class in the NFL!
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    Nice - I agree although Andrews as the Punt Returner is overstated as "breaking into the starting lineup" IMO. It's not like he's a starting CB or something.
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    "Starters" is one category, the more important one for the Patriots is "role" player.

    Maroney: KR, his RB role is yet to be defined.
    Jackson: ???
    Thomas: I look for him on Special Teams until (knock on wood) there is an injury.
    Mills: Same as Thomas.
    Gostkowski: I'm not sure what his role will be...:rolleyes:
    O'Callaghan: He seems to be doing well as the starting RT.
    Mincey: Waived, hopefully he will be back later on the Practice Squad after BB gets more comfortable with his team's make-up.
    Smith: I expect him to be waived today.
    Stevenson: I expect him to be waived, but I think he is headed for the Practice Squad.
    Andrews: PR, KR, Gunner, maybe some WR as things develop...
    Woods: Kicking Teams.
    Bramlet: Practice Squad.
    Hand: Practice Squad.

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