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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by PaulThePat, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. PaulThePat

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    Nov 6, 2007
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    The name of the 6th player taken in the 2008 NFL draft has just been announced. The Patriots are up next. The question they now have is pick or trade. The question I have is:

    * What 1-6 picks would leave the Patriots likely to pick with the No 7 ?

    * What 1-6 picks would leave the Patriots likely to want to trade ?

    Reading the draft forum over the last few weeks there seem to be 1 or 2 names which most would like ie Vernon Gholston. However, will he be there at 7 ? If he is I’d expect the Pats to take him. If not then unless one of the projected 1-3 picks takes a dive then it’s probably trade time.

    What do you think ? :)
  2. BradyManny

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    Mar 13, 2006
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    Other questions:

    - What teams ahead of us in 1-6 are likely to trade and therefore hinder the possibility of a trade down for us by limiting our trading partners?
    - If we cannot trade down in this draft, will we be content with trading down AND out into 09? (IE, trade 7 for a 1st rounder this year and next)

    To the second answer, I would say yes.

    While no draft expert, based on what I've read and watched in researching who would fit the Pats, I'm comfortable with a plethora of scenarios:

    Drafting Gholston at 7
    Drafting Clady at 7
    Trading down in this draft and getting 2 of the players who are good fits with the Pats - Groves, DRC, Cason, Albert, Avril, etc., etc.
    Trading down in this draft and OUT into 09 - getting ONE of the good fits and also getting an 09 first rounder in the process.
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  3. Watson's IQ

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    Jan 17, 2008
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    I expect that if Gholston is there, they will take him. Otherwise, I would think they will trade down to a bit lower in the 1st round and scoop up one of the top-flight corners.
  4. SunnyDenmark

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    Jun 6, 2006
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    The way I see it - one of the following players will be available when the Pats are on the clock:

    2 Longs - don't see that happening.

    Matt Ryan - Pats would likey find a trade down partner and gladly do so. However, with a - supposidly very weak 2009 QB class, I don't see Ryan slipping past Fins, Falcons AND KC.

    DT : Dorsey OR Ellis. Likely ONE of these 2 available at # 7 as not a huge need for the top 6 teams. (Not after Fins traded for Ferguson, Jets got Jenkins and Raiders signed DT Kelly to crazy money. Yes, I think either Dorsey OR Ellis will be gone in top 6 but unlikely that BOTH gone by 7 due to top 6 teams have greater primary needs.
    Therefore, good chance we will have a shot at one of them. Possibly could trade down then as supposidly big drop off of talent in DTs after these top 2.

    Clady OT - could easliy see him available unless KC takes him at #5. Not sure how much trade offers we would get for him as is supposidly quite deep draft for OT's. Could see Pats selecting him due to lack of trade partner (and no CB, LB be worth # 7 money).

    Gholston DE /(OLB) - Jets would probably love to scoop him up just before Pats. Due to recent rise and alien-like freakish althetic abilities -could easy been taken by any of the top 6 teams. Dont see him falling to Pats but if he did - probably would take him considering how thin we are at OLB after release of Colvin.

    McFadden RB - surprisingly I could see him slipping to #7. Adrian Peterson did last year and Marshawn Lynch was taken at # 12 last year. Reason for McFadden slipping due to 1) not great need for RB for top 5 teams, 2) very deep RB class this year -good quality up through 3rd round, 3) character concerns - (brawls, illegitimate children). Probably greatest chance is Jets at #6 but they could very well have choice of either Gholston AND McFadden at 6.

    So (for reasons described above) - I see a:
    decent chance (75% or > ) of Pats having pick of either: Clady (OT), one of Dorsey / Ellis (DT), or McFadden (RB). Best chance of trade down if McFadden slips to us.
    fair chance (50% , most likey less): Gholston , Ryan
    poor chance (5-15%): J. Long or Chris Long

    Naturally excellent chance for any of CB's, LB's, WR',s etc though not sure any of these worth a 7th pick $$$.

    If McFadden or Ryan slips then we likey can find a trade partner to trade down and will gladly do so.
    As likely (in my book) either Dorsey or Ellis slip then try to trade down but not sure how many offers we would get for 7th pick $$$ (2007 was $40 million) and a top 7 pick has not been traded down since 2003. If Dorsey slips this far then due to injury concerns which means he could slip even further for lack of trading partner.
    If neither above don't happen, then Pats would draft either: Gholston, Clady or maybe CB Leodis McKelvin (BB loves versatility).

    Thats how it is and remember that I am always right - until the first poster shows I'm wrong (which I am guessing will take about 15 minutes). :bricks:
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