Patriots vs Browns Sounds of the game

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Dec 13, 2013.

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    Thank you for posting, SVN. Good stuff, buddy.
  3. supafly

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    I could watch hours of these behind the scenes glimpses.

    It's just amazing to me that McDaniels seems so confident that they'll recover the onside kick, telling the offense "get ready to go back out there." As concerned as I am about the lack of defense and losing our best weapon outside of QB, there is obviously a very strong bond within this team.

    "Fight for the man next to you," may just become the catch phrase as we head into the end of the regular season.
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    I've always loved how BB's coaches work that way with the players, getting them prepared for the next action. I seem to remember after Ty Law's pick 6 in SB36, as the players came back to the sidelines Pepper Johnson yelling, "Get some rest, get some rest." He knew they were going right back out and wanted them focused on that, not getting caught up in the moment.

    Yeah, the team sure has chemistry and closeness. I was surprised to see Vince on the sideline earlier this year and now Mayo (at 1:10). I don't recall really seeing that with injured players under BB. Wilfork and Mayo are such great leaders for this young D, it makes sense.
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    Could not agree more, just a taste is somewhat satisfying.. but could spend hours watching this stuff.
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    As weird as it may sound, Slater is one of my favorite players.
  7. Kdo5

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    Not weird. Slater may not get much attention or praise but he is a valuable player on ST, a leader, and a class act. Gotta love that.
  8. SVN

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    I just found the BB Brady hug/handshake in the locker room hilarious .It had the tone of "yeah, whatever..we did this before" :)
  9. ALP

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    does slater do the breakdown after games now? first time ive seen that
  10. SVN

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    usually its mccourty i think but slater is very respected in the team.
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    It's become more common for Bill to allow it. Kevin Faulk (ACL) was on the sideline a bunch.
  12. SVN

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    if there is one thing i hate about this is bob socci's voice. He is the worst voice for a play by play. Where did they find him ?

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