Patriots Trivia, Volume 2

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  1. Article Article In the Starting Line-Up

    Patriots Trivia, Volume 2
    By: John Morgan

    Here's to a safe and happy 4th of July Pats Fans; a little more trivia for the holiday weekend. Last week it was pointed out that 54 players on the Pats roster have never been part of another NFL organization. For those other players, 15 questions about w...

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    Damn, that one was really hard. I got 3, 5, 6, 9, 13, and 15. Of the rest, though, I was just miles off on some of them. Good trivia, I'm sure there are lots of posters here who are more fans of the game (as opposed to just the Pats) than I am who will do much better.
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  3. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

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    Wow, Favorite has a hard time keeping a job.
  4. Ron Sellers

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    That was a tough quiz - some of the questions and answers could be classified more as trivial than trivia - but fun and interesting entertainment regardless. Interesting but not surprising to see the number of players from teams that were last coached by former Patriot assistant coaches. One thing I was surprised about was Pittsburgh, considering they both run 3-4 defenses and are familiar with their personnel from playing them nearly every season. I'm pretty sure they don't have any former Pats on their roster either; I suppose Mike Vrabel was the last ex-Steeler to play for the Pats?

    Give me not one, but two of these for my answers to the Crumpler and Morris questions:

    I managed to get 24 out of 34 matches correct, but only five out of the 15 questions right.

    Good stuff, looking forward to the next installment.
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