Patriots' Training Camp Day 3 (Sunday July 28)

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    Per the CBA, the Pats get to practice in pads for the first time today.

    Patriots set to practice in pads for first time | Jeff Howe

    The Patriots are getting ready to conduct their third practice of training camp this morning, and they'll be wearing pads for the first time.

    Brandon Spikes said he'll be delivering some "Welcome to the NFL" hits, but most importantly, this is where the real work can begin, especially with the linemen and running game. Bill Belichick even admitted it's a great way to evaluate players' offseason conditioning.

    "We’ve got to put the pads on," Rob Ninkovich said. "That’s when everything really starts to come together, when you’ve got the pads on. Really, obviously, with the shells on, you can’t get as much work as you’re going to get with full pads."
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    Some comments from Bill Belichick in the pre-practice press conference (say that three times fast):

    - With pads coming on this morning, adds another layer to evaluation of players, especially OL and DL. Belichick says "it will certainly help us in our evaluations in some of the bigger linemen."

    - Belichick on QB helmet cams: "It's something we haven't done before, so we'll take a look at it and see how effective it is." "We'll take a look at it and see how it goes. Anything we can do to help we'll try." BB says he's been looking at footage from QB helmet cameras "for about a week now".

    - BB on Dane Fletcher:"So far, I don't think he's had any physical limitations to what we've done, but we're starting a new level of that today."

    - Robert Duval is in Foxboro observing practice; he is currently working on a movie that is filming in Waltham.

    - Troy Brown is at the practice, on the sideline and talking with Belichick. BB talking to Troy while playing catch with son Brian.

    - Pepper Johnson still runs warmups with the players, right next to Wilfork and Spikes.

    - With DL Armond Armstead (non-football illness list), BB says this morning his absence is different than his past health-related issue. Says current situation is different than past health issues (heart); doesn't elaborate. Armstead is on NFI.

    Bill Belichick says Armond Armstead's illness is 'different' from past condition | Jeff Howe

    There hasn't been any information on the reason for Armond Armstead's placement on the rarely used non-football illness list, but Bill Belichick said this morning it's not related to his situation at USC. Armstead is suing his former school because he claims he was issued pain killers that led to a heart attack.

    Armstead practiced throughout the offseason program and said he still sees a doctor to check up on his condition, but he didn't sound concerned about it too much. So, his NFI status raised some concerns, especially when it's been so difficult to find any answers.

    Belichick was asked today if it related to any past conditions.

    "I think it's a different situation," Belichick said.

    Is there any long-term concern with his status?

    "If we have anything, we'll talk about it, but not at this time," Belichick replied.

    So, it will continue to be monitored as the Patriots move forward in camp.​
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    "I love the smell of Training Camp in the morning. It smells like...victory." :cool:
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    Really hoping these wrs get it. So far so good at least.
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    I may need to adopt Kenbrell as my binky.
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    WR Kamar Aiken is my binky. I think it'll come down to those 2 fighting for the last WR spot. Haven't heard a damned thing about Lavelle Hawkins all camp, seems like he was a JAG invite.
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    - Seven on seven Brady working to Amendola and Dobson

    - Brady to Thompkins #7V7

    - Mallet misses Ballard

    - Dowling good coverage on Jenkins

    - Mallett great throw to Thompkins

    - Leon W is getting more offensive work than I thought he would

    - Robert Duval and Robert Kraft on the field together.

    - Tim Tebow is looking better so far in these passing drills today.

    - Dobson nice release off line Mallett connects

    - Dobson continues making plays ...deep dig from Mallett

    - Ryan Mallett has a gun but he's so inconsistent. A few overthrown balls today and a few perfectly thrown balls.

    - This is hands down Tebow's best day of practice. He has made a few good throws that stand out. Easier to look better after yesterday, though.

    - Brady now running the hurry up Offense

    - Brady to Hoomanawanui on a seam route

    - Brady overthrows Amendola, eliciting a very audible F-bomb

    - Logan Mankins is shaken up :(

    - Ninkovich with a great stuff on a running play

    - Marcus Cannon at RG

    - 11 on 11 heavy dose of running game

    - Amendola wide open, cmon D

    - Ras I # 2 unit

    - brady is tebowing with tebow right next to him

    - George Winn with a nice run

    - Q. Sims is definitely getting cut. Way to many dropped balls. Perfect throw by Tebow and just a drop..

    - Ball security drills

    - Running game looked very good against the defense

    - Kenbrell Thompkins has had a good day of practice. I feel confident either him or Kamar Aiken will make 53, doubt both would. Tough WR comp

    - Tackling drills

    - Ras I nice tackling

    - Collins forces a fumble during the tackling drill.

    - I need to get out the #stopwatch like Greg Bedard used to, but I thought Ryan Allen outplayed Zoltan Mesko yesterday.

    - 1 on 1 tackling drill: Beauharnais tattooed Ballard, Collins stripped Fells

    - Robert Duvall counseling the Pats QBs. Good times.

    - WR Lavelle Hawkins has two drops, a missed block and now a fumble on a kickoff return.

    - Dobson burnt Ras I on this play

    - Talib literally just punched the ball out of Amendola's hands

    - Boyce w nice catch vs Ryan

    - Offensive & defensive lineman doing drills on the far field. Brady & Mallett alternating throwing to WR (rotating) on one-on-one CB coverage

    - A lot of drops for Michael Jenkins today. Not a good day for him. Meanwhile Boyce has played well today

    - Ras-I Dowling has gotten beat several times today; both short and long passes. Dennard and Talib have been impressive with their technique.

    - Mallett to Boyce deep cross

    - 1st team close field running 7-on-7(Brady & Mallett). Tebow running 7-on-7 with 3rd team. Offensive vs defensive line battle on far field.

    - Josh Boyce is having a heck of a day. Thompkins is having a good day too.
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    Mike Rodak, is that you? ;)
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    loving what I'm hearing about Dobson and Boyce. We might have some real WR on our hands and not midgets.
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    Big thx for all that. A fun read.
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    Nice to see on first full day of pads.
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    Damn! We've read for months how much our awful WR corps sucks so reading about them beating coverage must mean our DBs really, REALLY suck. Same old, same old.
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    thanks for all the comments - keep em coming!! 1st day with pads is always exciting. Seems there is much to see on the different parts of the field. Seems Ras-I regressed or is it that Dennard is that good?
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    I think the pads on levels the playing field. Speed in shells is hard for any db to cover.
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    - 11 V 11 -- 1st units

    - Brady to Amendola on a square-in

    - Mallett - Ridley fumble on the exchange

    - Blount nice run up the gut

    - First play of 11-on-11 drill Ridley fumbles the ball, recovered by Dont'a Hightower. Belichick yells "Take off Ridley, go!" #22 runs a lap.

    - Diving catch by Vereen on an out pattern

    - Brady complete to Fells

    - BB upset w Mike Rivera " cmon Mike , get in there, where you going"

    - Brandon Bolden improved from last year to this year. Quicker and stronger. Just knocked off Arrington's helmet.

    - Mallett complete to Sudfield on a TE post

    - Josh Boyce and Kenbrell Thompkins have been impressive today. Dobson and Amendola have been good, but had some hiccups. Tough WR competition

    - Three days of camp, three rook receivers impressing. This is muy bueno.

    - Goal line drills. Ridley plunges in.

    - Hightower stops Ridley ... FUMBLE!!! Vince recovers

    - Ridley yet another fumble. Vince picks it up and a huge cheer from the crowd.

    - Vince recovering a fumble easily got the biggest reaction of the crowd.

    - Ridley has fumbled the ball 3 times already

    - The team is doing goal-line drills. Wilfork made a tremendous play, causing Ridley to fumble again. Ridley has had two fumbles in 10 minutes

    - FG's now ... Gost wide right :(

    - Okay, fumbles and now missed FGs. Can we wrap it up and call it a day already?

    - Brady in the hurry up O, complete to Danny Amendola

    - Brady to Dobson, that kid is a player

    - Kyle Arrington with a pick off of Brady.

    - Arrington INT at goalline; Brady slams his helmet

    - McCourty still wearing the red no-contact jersey.

    - Dan Connolly went missing for the second half of practice.

    - Tebow to Thompkins TD to end practice, with a damn good throw

    - Day 3 of Patriots training has concluded. Was a good practice with full pads.

    - Patriots practice concluding. One top takeaway: Starting RG Dan Connolly (shoulder) not yet cleared for full contact.

    - Ridley had two fumbles. Thought Bolden ran well. Boyce and Thompkins looked good. Jenkins had drops. Rough day for Dowling. Usual guys MIA

    - Gronkowski, Nick McDonald, Edelman spotted in sweats. Grissom, Armstead, Harrison still not practicing.

    - Dowling struggled. He was getting beat regularly in 1 on 1s and 7 on 7s.

    - Shane Vereen took a pass from the slot in 11 on 11s. Caught an out route.

    - I would be surprised if Bolden doesn't make the 53. Considerably better than Blount.

    - Boyce had his best day of practice. He was the better of the two rookie WRs.

    - Michael Jenkins, Kamar Aiken, Kyle Arrington impressed in CB-WR 1 on 1s. Dobson, Dowling... Not so much.

    - Marcus Benard had the move of the day in DL-OL 1 on 1s on Vollmer. Forston, Jones, Cannon looked good. Vellano got stonewalled.

    - Practice over. Really getting an appreciation for Amendola and Dobson. Amendola so technical and sound. Dobson very smooth, always open
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    Duvall speaks with the QB's, and suddenly Tebow can pass?!

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