Patriots Today - Missed FG Football And Fan Who Caught It Arrive In Indy

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by BoTown, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. BoTown

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    "The Patriots fan who caught Billy Cundiff's missed field goal in the AFC Championship game in Foxboro presented the football to Robert Kraft in Indianapolis on Saturday. It will soon reside in the team's Hall of Fame."

    Patriots Today - Missed FG arrives in Indy
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  2. Gumby

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    but does anybody have enough digital enhancement to see how many 0s are on that check BK handed over? ;)
  3. shmessy

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    Wasn't a check.

    It was three tickets to the SB for Terry Oder and his two friends who were with him at the AFCCG.

    I read the story about the ball a few days after the AFCCG in one of the newspapers.

    For Mr. Kraft the ball was special as the kick Mrs. Kraft's spirit may have influenced, but those three fans were at the game because they were childhood friends who had gotten together a few weeks earlier at the funeral for their friend who died an untimely death and who decided that life was too short and uncertain and that they should cherish the moments and get together more often. They attended the AFCCG partly as a celebration of their friendship and of their late friend's life. To them, that ball sailing wide and landing in their laps was a sign of their late buddy.

    So when Dr. Oder handed that ball to Mr. Kraft......well, I would assume that was a poignant moment.
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  4. Fencer

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    Three Super Bowl tickets, plus a visit w/ Robert Kraft, plus perhaps some lesser perks as well? That's in the range of cash value for the ball. Nobody's being a chump.

    This isn't trading Mark McGwire's 600th home run ball back for some memorabilia, because it's "his" and he's entitled to it. This is a case where what feels right is also reasonably fair.
  5. Advil

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    That made me sad... there's definitely some magic in the air this year. It just feels right.
  6. Gwedd

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    There's so many great storylines this time around. So many things that once again reinforce my love for this team. I've worn the laundry since they drafted Jim Plunkett. I have never regretted any of it, but since Mr. Kraft bought this team, there's just been something about it that has seemed very special.

    I wish the mediots & reportards would spend more time on the good stories rather than sensationalism, but that's the nature of the beats, I guess.

    But we fans know, and we'll be there when the season starts, and when it ends. We're family. We're Patriots fans.

    GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Wax Frog

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    You could do some wash now and then ;)

    I'm a mere humble 85er myself, thanks to an accident of personal history...
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  8. oldskool138

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    LOL! I was wondering who the lucky fan was that caught that missed FG. Kind of shows you how badly Cundiff missed that kick since it didn't even hit the net.
  9. Leave No Doubt

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    That. There was a segment about this on the news last night, Kraft called it the "Myra Ball"...he also handed the good doctor tix to the game and no doubt the good doctor landed some pretty great seats too!

    There's a definite symbiosis/connection between this franchise and it's fans, especially this team, this year? Hard to say but I hope The Pats know how much all of us here at home are supporting them right now, too bad we couldn't get hooked up and pipe in our "noise" tonight. Or maybe it's best we don't lol:p

    Bob Kraft- standard of excellence. GO PATS:rocker:
  10. FredFromDartmouth

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    This is hilarious! I hope that they roll this ball out before every Ravens game and parade it around the field and waved it under Ray Lewis' nose.
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  11. Razor's Edge

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    Damn, what a great story, truely inspirational, yes Kraft is a blessing, a real true soul!
    GO PATS!
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