"Patriots starting to act like,well everybody else"

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Mar 11, 2007.

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    Someone trying to make a name needs to relax. If StallMorris flunks another drug test, then fine. As of now, the basis of this article is retarded and short-sighted.
  3. zippo59

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    I think it's pretty simple. We have the most cap room we have ever had under Belichick and there have been an availability of players who we believe fit our system.
  4. RayClay

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    Whether Stallworth clicks or not, this writer is a dirtbag.
  5. BradyManny

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    Look at what a doofus this guy looks like. How can you take his opinion seriously?

    In all seriousness, the Bill Belichick Patriots live and die by one code: will ____ help the New England Patriots be a Super Bowl caliber team. From there, BB goes on a case by case basis to see if a player is right for the team.
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  6. pats63

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    What do you expect....They know we are going to be really hard to beat...Whatever the media from OHIO says,I take with a grain of salt...In other words who WTF cares....
  7. DefenseRules

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    For the love of the Football Gods, please give me a break. If the Pats were sitting here with $20 million under the cap and not spending any money I guarantee that they would be ripped for being cheap by this moron writer and everyone else.
    BB/Pioli went out and spent money on some players that they think will fit our system and some of these mediots still complain.
  8. zippo59

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    It really does feel like we can't win when it comes to the media. No matter what someone is going to be unhappy.
  9. RPCity

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    The writer is Greg Doyel....he made his living writing crap for Sportsline on college hoops. As a Seton Hall fan....I'm pretty familliar with his "work". He's busted us with similar articles more than once.

    He was their lead College hoops writer before he was promoted to a national, all sports writer.
  10. Rob0729

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    I can't believe these paragraphs from the article:

    And then there's Randy Moss, one of the 10 most despicable players in the league, who has been linked to the Patriots in trade talks.

    And there's Joey Porter, probably not one of the 10 most despicable players in the NFL but among those also receiving votes, who was contacted by the Patriots during free-agency but took his slur-hurling mouth and horse-killing dogs to Miami. Porter headed south after turning down an offer from the Bengals, who have a press conference every week to stress their new devotion to character and then do something ridiculous like pursue Porter or sign a player (defensive end Jason Berryman on Jan. 2) who spent 258 days in jail while in college.

    The Patriots aren't the Bengals. But they're closing the gap one disappointing day at a time.

    So the Pats were rumored to be interested in Moss and Porter (the Moss interest has been disputed) and that is evidence that the Pats are closing the gap with the Bengals as taking on problemed players. Is this even journalism.

    I also love how just because Stallworth is in the substance-abuse program that he is a problem child. Guess what? Brett Favre is in the substance-abuse program too and one strike away from getting a four game suspension. Yet, Favre is considered one of the better character players in the game. Without knowing why Stallworth is in the substance-abuse program it is unfair to judge.

    By the way, Stallworth was grating the Eagles so much that they gave him a contract offer.
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  11. patpatriot

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    It's Sunday night and the guy needs to have a catchy article ready for Monday morning...this is sports journalism circa 2007.
  12. mykl

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    It would have been nice if he had mentioned the acquisition of A. Thomas, who by all accounts is perhaps the most classy and socially conscience football player in the league right now! But of course that would have contridicted everything about the article. It is truly annoying when facts get in the way of an agenda.
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  13. spacecrime

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    This isn't new for the Pats. They signed Mike Cloud knowing he would miss the first four games due to a suspension. Like everyting else, it depends on the player.

    The rest of the article is junk. Saying the Pats are getting closer to the Bengals because, for one thing, they were linked to Randy Moss in trade talks is just silly. That story was debunked by Pioli days ago.

    The Pats aren't looking fro creampuffs, never were, in spite of what this guy thinks.

    The Pats took on Bryan Cox and Rodney Harrison, never ones to be confused with nice guys. But they played hard. Ditto Corey Dillon.

    I don't know what this guy's problem is. I think he just likes to complain, and since he lives in Cinci, I guess he has a right. I believe it is like someone said above, if the Pats had sit on the money and not spent it, they'd be being ripped for being cheap.

    What I don't understand is, the Pats have been ripped for one thing or another every since they won the SUperbowl the first time. So why isn't the media on the Colts now? THEY'RE the defending world champs, not us.
  14. KontradictioN

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    I'm going to copy and paste this and put it on the message board. I won't take credit for the work either.
  15. brdmaverick

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    relax guys, it's the offseason for the football writers too. They need something to talk about. Let's just be glad that the Pats aren't the Red Sox and we have to hear all about Manny's grandmother.
  16. jbb9s

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    What is Stallworth dabbling in? Booze or drugs or pain pills?
  17. jman924

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    I know right!
    When he first opened his mouth and started going on about a RB on a suspension, I thought, "Mike Cloud?"
    Forget about him did you? Were we not classy back in 2003?
  18. Fencer

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    Look at the end of the article. He just plain hates the NFL.
  19. mgcolby

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    We can't win when it comes to our own fans. So why should we expect any less from the media?

    Pats offseason moves don't come to fruition and they have a lot cap money left = cheap, so they complain!

    Pats offseason moves come to fruition = BB is leaving!

    I don't get it! I also find it interesting that many (key word for those of you that are here) of the people calling Kraft cheap don't seem to have much to say on this forum any longer or ahm (excuse me) nothing to link to! :rolleyes:
  20. ChoWZa

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    I noticed how he failed to mention the Patriots avoiding the "poison pill" contract with the dolphins by trading a 7th round pick. That skipped through his report somehow. I'm not suprised to see the stab at Brady either. This guy is a joke. He's not writing sports he's just writing what everyone who had to watch 3 Patriot superbowl wants to read.. some dirt on the Patriots. Its a shame he makes a living this way. What a joke.

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