Patriots-Seahawks Still Talking

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by BelichickFan, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. BelichickFan

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    "A source in Seattle said the Seahawks believe they’re very much in the mix and that the Patriots told them, “They’re going to continue to pursue this thing.†. . . Sources say the Pats have backed off requests for two first-round picks and would accept a first-round pick and a middle-round pick. Though the Seahawks didn’t offer higher than a second-round pick, a source they said they would be willing to trade their first-round pick, which would likely be low in the draft anyway."

    Say what you want about Tomase, he's been ahead of the curve on a few things recently.
  2. PromisedLand

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    I hope he's got his facts straight. This might be the best possible outcome for both sides at this point.

    I would be happy to trade Whiny Boy for Seattle's #1 plus a WR who could help us this year, like Bobby Engram. Engram is currently #2 on their depth chart. Branch would take his place giving Seattle Nate Burleson and Branch as their starters. That would definitely be an upgrade for them, and Branch, 27, would be tied up for the prime years of his career.

    Engram is no Branch and is on the downside, but is a competent NFL receiver who still had something like 800 yards receiving last year. He would provide the short term help we need at WR this season. Our 5 would be Jackson (hopefully), Engram, Caldwell, Bingo Brown and Bam Childress. No true #1's but at least Brown and Engram are proven commodities and Childress and Jackson have potential upside. Caldwell is what he is but he is not nothing. You don't want to rely on him as your #1 guy but as a #3 or #4 he is probably better than average.
  3. CrazyDave

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    That would'nt be a bad scenario.
  4. upstater1

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    Engram is kind of a Troy Brown clone. Very savvy receivers. No one to stretch the field there but it would work. I'd still ask for a draft pick, a 5th at least.
  5. patsox23

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    All of this said, losing Deion Branch is a big blow. At this point, Deion Branch is the first Patriot for whom I would feel no sympathy if he got injured, even if he were still a Patriot.

    HAMMERMILL On the Game Day Roster

    If true, it's good news for the Pats-
    Branch has burned bridges here and IMHO a 1st and 3-4th rd pick would be acceptable.
    While Branch has been a very good player for us,He's not one of the best in the league at his position and he wants to be paid like one.
    I don't think Branch will ever have the same amount of success elsewhere,but
    it's his choice.
    I wish him well but at his height and frame he won't succede in alot of systems.
    If a 1st and 3rd is offered,the pats should take it and move on(my opinion)
  7. Julius

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    Getting Seattle's first is fine with me. I hold no animosity to Branch and if he goes to the Seahawks I wish him the best. From Seattles perspective Branch will thrive in that offense and be a positive influence on that team. The seahawks are chasing a championship and losing a late first round pick is a small price to pay for Branch.
  8. broadwayjoe

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    I hope something is worked out soon I really did like Deion Branch but if they can get good compensation for him I say lets get this thing done we don't need any disgruntled players on this team especially when we are looking at the big picture.
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  9. groundgame

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    Branch will be the starting WR for the Pats v. Buffalo.
  10. PromisedLand

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    My proposal was Branch for Seattle's 2007 #1 AND Engram.

    edit: But I'd probably settle for Branch plus our 2007 4th rounder for Seattle's 2007 #1 and Engram.

    Should I send an email to Belioli in case they haven't thought of this? :D
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  11. Tunescribe

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    I think at this point a No. 1 from anybody, including "something else" (mid-round pick, player), would be acceptable just to get out from under this fiasco. What a bummer it has come to this, especially if he goes to Seattle, a team I like. Then I'd have to root against them.
  12. Dragda

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    Look at Groundgame boldly calling his shot!


    I'm going to have to disagree with you. Too much bad blood now. It would have been close to keeping Bledsoe around to back up Brady another year.
  13. MrBigglesWorth

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    Let's not give up now people. I realize alot of people are angry, but I'd rather have him back for two reasons:

    1. I'd want him for games 11-16 if he potentially did sit out till game 10, which would be foolish on his accounts. And I'd want him in the playoffs where you really need him.

    2. You can franchise him next year. No one is going to pay two 1st rounders and if they do I'm sure the Pats will happily accept. We saw when Curtis Martin left the damage done. He had quite a career AS A JET.
    What's he going to do next year? Sit out till game ten again and lose all those pay checks which will be substantially higher?

    We just have the wait for the tantrum to be over with the agent and player and once they realize they can't win they will come to their senses.

    The money looks about the same around 5.5-6 mill. It's all about the guaranteed money which we do not know.
  14. zippo59

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    I really hope the Pats get another receiver out of this, even if not necessarily from the Seahawks (i.e. they take the picks they get a trade for a good solid WR)
  15. PromisedLand

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    I don't see Branch returning to the Patriots. I think the situation has deteriorated past the point of no return; as they said on NFL Live, "It's getting ugly, folks".

    I was one of the ones who figured this would work itself out and Branch would be back by week 1, but it's gone too far. I think the team resigned itself to getting the best deal it could for him when it gave him permission to seek a trade. I think they'll take the best deal on the table and that will be that. I hope Tomase's report that Seattle is willing to give their #1 is true, but I also hope we can somehow get a decent WR who can help us this year. If Seattle were to throw in Engram, even if we gave back a mid-round pick next year, I'd jump on that in a New York minute.
  16. CrazyDave

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    That'd work for me as well.
  17. PromisedLand

    PromisedLand Virtual Internet Person

    I disagree. It's time to cut our losses. A 31st overall pick in 2007 is better than a disgruntled WR with whom the relationship has turned ugly. See Glenn, Terry, 2001.
  18. zippo59

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    They can add into the deal that if their 1st round pick ends up being bellow a certain level the Seahawks have to throw in another pre-decided pick.
  19. PromisedLand

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    I just looked up Engram on He's in his last contract year for $1.4M, just a bit more than Branch's cap number this year. Perfect. It works for both teams.

    Branch plus our 07 #4 for Engram and Seattle's 07 #1.

    edit: here's the link to
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  20. Tunescribe

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    What makes you think after all this that BB would even activate him if he comes back after week 10? If he doesn't sign with us before start of the regular season he's done. The mitigating factor in all this is the fact that he's already under contract.

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