Patriots Safeties Need To Step Up Play In 2013

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    Patriots Safeties Need To Step Up Play In 2013
    By: Steve Balestrieri

    The team allowed 176 receptions for 1767 yards to tight ends and running backs last season...

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    Balesteri is focusing on the real problem with the Patriot's pass defense, and what BB is and has been doing about it. It was illuminating to see some information about the end of roster players.

    But I think he has a couple of things wrong. At this stage of his career Adrian Wilson is a elderly teacher with the resume, gravitas, and personality to command attention; and with his gargantuan size, a "Big Nickle" coverage LB, whose job is stopping the TEs, who can't simply out muscle or out jump him.

    I notice that SB uses the current in vogue terms, but don't forget that Belichick has tried to field and innovate with his "Big Nickle", 5 man secondary, with a big "S/coverage LB" for more than a decade. AFAIK, the "Moneyball" is a sixth, or dime S and or coverage LB; and almost completely a LB. Adrian Wilson is the fit for that puzzle, in both cases, IMHO.

    OTOH, Tavon Wilson's background, and reason he was drafted, makes him a bigger, faster, better, James Sanders-type Safety. Don't forget he played some Cornerback as well as Safety at Illinois, while still displaying the thinking head, and leadership that James Sanders displayed. He, not Adrian Wilson is slated to be and to play the full SS/FS position. He has the speed and coverage ability to also handle RBs out of the backfield.

    Your opinions ?
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    Correct -

    there's several articles worth of discussions on the implications of the team's play at Safety - and how it impact's the quality of the Defense and helps the front line and LBs too - and how Belichick will utilize numerous looks and packages to try to keep the opposing O off balance

    Balesteri just gave a broad overview of the fact that the position has received considerable attention from Belichick

    It really does demonstrate what a team sport it is - we've seen times when S is strong and times when it's weak and Belichick does his best to adapt - but the Rodney Harrison era gives us some idea of what Belichick LIKES to do if indeed he had the players who can execute his schemes

    (For example - on O we saw Belichick spend years tinkering at TE, and it wasn't until he had Gronk and Hernandez (and now Ballard) that you could truly appreciate what he was trying to achieve

    Belichick will let camp sort out the competition - but if he can get players to execute their roles the way he wants - watch out.

    The rookies, FAs and veterans in the secondary all have the potential to be part of something very special.
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    After the 2010 season and entering in to the 2011 season I was thinking that the Pats were fine at safety, with a rotation of Brandon Meriweather, James Sanders, and Patrick Chung. At the time I did not consider the position to be one that the Pats needed to focus on, with other areas (DE, OLB) to be of a much higher priority.

    Well, I was wrong. Meriweather and Sanders were cut, and ever since then the safety position has been the weakest link on the team. As much as we as fans would like to see something completely turned around in one off season, in reality that is seldom possible. Safety has been a sore spot for the Patriots for the last two years; hopefully the unit as a whole will be much more productive between Devin McCourty playing the position full time, the addition of Adrian Wilson, and perhaps some valuable contributions from one or more of the others.

    Steve Gregory made some decent plays, but as Steve Balestrieri pointed out he also took some bad angles on a few plays; that's something that was a major reason why Bill Belichick decided to let Meriweather go. Aside from watching how well Tavon Wilson and Duron Harmon look in August, I'm intrigued by Kanorris Davis. Even though it will be difficult for him to make the roster this year, but I can envision him being productive somewhere down the line for the Pats based on what I have seen and read about him.
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    Adrian Wilson Highlights - YouTube

    Adrian Wilson - watch the hit on Vernon Davis, love it. Can still play at a very high level and hungry for a Championship.

    Adrian Wilson's physical dominance, tenacity and presence along with Devin McCourty's centerfield and ball hawking skills should go hand and hand. And the scary thing to keep in mind is, that Adrian won't be asked to play every down which should increase his productivity, effectiveness, and impact and minimize bad health, fatigue and risk of injury. Not to mention second year player Tavon Wilson showed some ball hawking skills himself before slumping midway through last season. Hopefully he'll grow during the off season. I also like some of the things Steve Gregory did, especially in the slot and Duron Harmon should be a very good draft pickup once he gets his feet wet, has some great teachers to learn from.

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