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patriots - pre draft players visits

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by cstjohn17, Apr 26, 2007.

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    #54 Jersey

    This is for historical reference, we can use this next year when all the visits begin. Below is an article from the Herald today (04/26/2007) and a list of 2006 visits
    1) Herald Article
    2) 2006 Visits - updated by Seneschal2 and others

    1) Herald Article

    Of the 14 players selected in the first two rounds since 2000, eight came to town for pre-draft visits and six didn’t. The reasons to host a prospect range from wanting to get a better personal feel for a player to exploring a red flag that popped up during a physical.

    In at least one case, the Patriots tried and failed to host their eventual first-round pick. That would be Vince Wilfork [stats] in 2004, but it turns out he had a good reason for staying away.

    In 2006 the Pats hosted the players who proved to be their top two picks. Running back Laurence Maroney [stats] spent most of the visit discussing how he saw himself fitting in the offense, while Chad Jackson was quizzed on some of the coverages and formations he had discussed with Belichick and then-wide receivers coach Brian Daboll during an earlier visit at his Florida campus, breaking down film and diagramming plays on a chalkboard.

    Prior to Maroney, the Pats had not hosted a first-round pick since Ty Warren [stats] in 2003. They learned all they needed to know about guard Logan Mankins [stats], Wilfork and tight end Benjamin Watson [stats] through other means.

    They showed similarly muted interest in 2004 first-rounders Wilfork and Watson, meeting with the former at the combine and the latter at the Senior Bowl.

    The most famous example of the Pats low-keying the player they really wanted came in 2001. They viewed Georgia defensive tackle Richard Seymour [stats] as a top-five talent, but were picking sixth.

    The bottom line is whether a player visited or not doesn’t offer much of a clue as to whether the Patriots plan to select him, which is just how they like it.

    2) 2006 Visits

    Great job by Seneschal2 and others managing the 2006 list, use link above to read thread. 2006 visits as of 4/26/07. I will post a summary of how many were actually selected by the Pts after the draft.

    P Daniel Sepulveda - I/PV (#143 R4-5)
    QB Kevin Kolb - PW (#124 R4)
    QB/ATH Isaiah Stanback - PV (#148 R4-5)
    QB Toby Korrodi - PW (#290 R7-FA)
    RB Antonio Pittman - PW (#51 R2)
    RB Kenny Irons - PW (#71 R2-3)
    RB Lorenzo Booker - PW (#81 R3)
    RB Michael Bush - PV (#83 R3)
    RB Chris Henry - PW/PV/CI (#184 R5-6)
    RB Justise Hairston - PW (#378 R-FA)
    RB Steve Baylark - PW
    FB Le'Ron McClain - PW (#268 R7)
    WR Robert Meachem - PV (#16 R1)
    WR Ted Ginn - PV (#25 R1)

    WR Sidney Rice - PV (#42 R2)
    WR Steve Smith - PV (#45 R2)
    WR Aundrae Allison - PV (#86 R3)
    WR Courtney Taylor - PW (#89 R3)
    WR Jacoby Jones - PW (#120 R3-4)
    WR Chris Davis - PW/PV (#130 R4)
    WR Rhema McNight - CI (#134 R4)
    TE Greg Olsen - PW (#17 R1)
    TE Joe Newton - PV (#141 R4-5)
    TE Anthony Pudewell - I (#240 R6-7)
    OT Joe Staley - PW (#28 R1)
    OG Mike Jones - PW (#176 R5)
    OG Rob Turner - PV (#238 R6-7)

    CB Leon Hall - PW/PV (#9 R1)
    CB Chris Houston - PW (#27 R1)
    CB Marcus McCauley - PV (#49 R2)

    CB Eric Wright - PW (#55 R2)
    CB David Irons - PW (#59 R2-3)
    CB Josh Wilson - PV (#65 R2-3)
    CB Daymeion Hughes - PV (#91 R3)
    CB Fred Bennett - CI (#102 R3-4)
    CB Ryan Smith - ASI (#153 R4-5)
    CB Usama Young - PW (#311 R7-FA)
    CB Geoff Pope - PW (#357)
    FS Reggie Nelson - PW (#20 R1)
    FS Brandon Meriweather - PW(2) (#33 R1-2)
    FS/SS Josh Gattis - PW (#73 R2-3)
    SS Michael Griffin - PV - (#37 R1-2)
    SS Sabby Piscitelli - CI (#114 R3-4)
    ILB Patrick Willis - PV (#11 R1)
    ILB Brandon Siler - PW (#50 R2)
    ILB David Harris - PW/PV (#63 R2-3)
    ILB Buster Davis - PW (#101 R3-4)
    ILB Desmond Bishop - PW/CI (#222 R6)
    OLB Lawrence Timmons - PW (#23 R1)
    OLB Jon Beason - PW/PV (#30 R1)
    OLB Rufus Alexander - PW (#61 R2-3)
    OLB Stewart Bradley - PW/PV (#103 R3-4)
    OLB Earl Everett - PW (#106 R3-4)
    DE Adam Carriker - PW (#12 R1)
    DE/OLB Anthony Spencer - PV (#41 R2)
    DE/OLB LaMarr Woodley - PW (#43 R2)
    DE Jay Moore - PW (#128 R4)
    DT Marcus Thomas - PW (#88 R3)
    DT Kareem Brown - PW (#151 R4-5)
    PV = Private Visit
    PW = Private Workout
    # = Overall ranking
    R = Projected round
    I = Interview
    CI = Combine interview
    ASI = All-Star game interview

    Prospect rankings are via FOXsports.com, courtesy of nfldraftscout.com
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    List fits needs for the most part. Yes, it will be interesting to see how the NE draft picks match the visit list.
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